Tech Homie Quick Tips: Raise to wake feature on iPhone!

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I was told by a member of the Tech Homie Squad. That the only way that they can see the clock on their iPhone is by either pressing the power button, or home button on their iPhone. While this is one way to check your clock, I’ve got another way to make it a little easier for you.

You can use the “Raise to Wake” feature on your iPhone to skip having to press any buttons to check the time, or anything else for that matter. All you have to do is just pick up your phone to wake up the screen. Here’s how to do it:

1: Press the settings icon on your iPhone. (looks like a gear)
2: Look for “Display and Brightness”.
3: Press the switch by “Raise to Wake” to turn the feature on.
4: Enjoy using your fingers just a little less than you had to before!

Here’s a video for a little guidance:

Stay tuned for more Quick Tips next week! Have a great rest of your week!

Tech Homie Quick Tips – Vibrate while Ring/ Vibrate on Silent for Apple phones

A good part of learning about your phone deals with mastering quick tips.  You can’t become a power user without getting the tips and tricks down!

Here’s a way to toggle your Vibrate function in iOS to either help you with getting notifications without being noisy, or without random vibrations getting on your nerves:

First, the video!​​

Here’s some quick steps on how to toggle your Vibrate function:

1. Click ‘settings’

2. Click ‘sounds’

3. Toggle your Vibrate functions in this section.

Alright! This is all you need to do to toggle your functions!  Feel free to have a look at the video, or comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

Tech Homie Quick Tips – Android Launchers

DSC04358 (4)


Have an Android phone but bored by the way it looks on a daily basis?  Many popular manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Huawei, and others have conceptualized their vision of a perfect looking smartphone.  However perfect the companies may feel their devices respond to customers, sometimes, they might be looking for something a bit more.

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Check out some Boost Mobile offerings for the Summer!

There are phone options available for every budget!

We all know about phones that launch like the Galaxy S8, the iPhone 7/7 Plus, and the LG G6 that take over the airwaves these days, but not everyone wants to buy a device that costs over 600 dollars,  shoot not everyone wants to buy a device that costs over 200 dollars. 

 But not much is said typically about prepaid devices that exist in the market these days.  Carriers such as Cricket, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile exist for those people who want to save a little money, while using their cellphone service. 

 These days, MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) can be stable enough to satisfy a vast majority of the people who need cellphones in their daily lives.  Smartphones that are available on MVNOs are as capable as their flagship counterparts.  This is not something that existed a few years ago.

As I kick around the mitten here these days (that’s Michigan for those who do not know), I’ve noticed Boost Mobile stores pop up on just about every corner.  MVNOs (or Prepaid carriers for short) like Boost Mobile are a pretty easy way to get a decent phone and save hundreds of dollars while you’re at it.  Because we care about every one who needs a phone these days, here’s a list of some Boost mobile phones that are available on the carrier.  Click the header link to get pricing on each device.

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The Next Amazon Echo set to take on HomePod sound quality and features



Smart home speakers have become very popular over the last year, with devices such as the Amazon Echo, and Google Home entering millions of homes across the world.   Apple recently announced the HomePod, Apple’s smart home speaker that focuses on music, and sound quality over smart home features.   With the announcement of the HomePod it was only a matter of time before we started to get information on what companies like Amazon and Google will do next.

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 The Galaxy Note 8 expected to be announced August 23rd; who’s ready?

After the mess that was the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung definitely has a lot to prove with the Galaxy Note 8 in 2017.   With tons of rumors flying fast and free with the Galaxy Note 8, we may possibly have a launch date for the upcoming Note flagship.  If rumors prove to be correct, the Note 8 will likely launch at the end of August, August 23rd to be precise.  

There have been tons of rumors flooding the airwaves for the next flagship from the South Korean company.  The flurry of info is all to be expected with a device as important to the company as the Note 8.  

This latest rumor comes from a report out of South Korea (from The Investor) that states the Note 8 will launch August 23rd, which will likely compete directly with the upcoming iPhone 8.  With this date, the Note 8 may be able to take some of the thunder from the upcoming iPhone 8 launch. That is, with recent issues popping up, and possible supply delays becoming a major problem for the next Apple flagship.

What does this mean for you?  If you missed the Galaxy Note 7, then you might be excited for the the Note 8.  If you can’t live without a stylus?  Then the built in stylus can be a great help for the business minded stylus wielding folks.  Folks who love the customizability of Android in a larger package.  However, if you are looking for a smaller device, then this device might not be good for you. 

If you are interested in the Note 8, let me know!  We will likely hear more about the device soon with the announcement date coming near.  

Comment below with questions or thoughts!

Pixel XL 2 leak;  does this mean anything to you?

So, while I can sit here and spout off random news posts about the newest phone, the most random phone, and things that cost more than entry level salaries,  I would like to post things that are relevant to you.  

When you unfortunately break that phone you’ve been holding on to for dear life over the past two years,  you may want to get some insight on what route you want to go next.   That’s one of the main goals here at The Tech Homie.   

If you are looking for some guidance on what tech you may want to purchase in the future, OR, you want to understand how the tech that you own now works,  you can come here to figure out the right way to go.

A sequel to the Google Pixel,  designed by Google with pure Android enthusiasts in mind has been leaked.  When the Pixel and Pixel XL launched, the devices quickly became the two of the most popular, most important devices to this date.  So it is important to see what comes next for Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2.

While there have been multiple Pixel 2 rumors to date, this latest Pixel XL 2 leak comes from Android Police.  The leaked render shows a very refined, and rather large device with a nearly edge to edge display in tow.  The Pixel XL 2 will apparently be made by LG.   

The LG made device is rumored to have an LG made 6 inch AMOLED display,  with a 2:1 aspect ratio.  The corners on the XL 2 look to be rounded, which fit with LGs general aesthetic when it comes to phone design. 
Looking at the back of the phone, the general look of the device looks similar to the previous Pixel XL,  with a larger camera sensor, and he same part glass part metal look that the Pixel devices had.   The first Pixel phones had the fingerprint scanner on the glass, but from this device, it looks like the fingerprint scanner has moved down to the metal side of the phone.  

Rumored specifications include a Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and sensors on the sides of the device (think HTC Edge Sense), which give the ability to interact the phone by squeezing the sides of the device. 

So what does this mean for you? 

Well, if you aren’t looking for a new phone? Absolutely nothing.  But if you are in the market for a new phone, and maybe you are interested in the strides made in AI (Artificial Intelligence), then look for the Pixel 2, and Pixel XL 2 later this year. 

With phones like the Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 8 coming down the line, it’s entirely possibly that the Pixel XL 2, with its lack of bloatware to bog the phone down, and the most up to date software under the hood,  might also be an option to check out when you look for your next phone to invest in for the future.
What questions do you guys have in regards to the Pixel XL 2?  What phones are you guys looking to check out for the second half of the year?  

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments, or in Social Media.
From; Android Police

Rock the bezel-less, Full Vision display with the mid-range LG Q6

LG-Q6-.jpgAs we all know, good things sometimes can come in smaller package.  LG looks to continue the old saying by launching the LG Q6, a mid-range phone with LG’s rather legit “Full Vision” bezel-less display first featured earlier this year on the LG G6.  The Q6 looks to be a different device than the recently mentioned LG G6 mini, but a pretty cool device on its own.  The Q6 will come in 3 different versions.   Read More

Have you ever destroyed your phone? Tell me how!

My adventures with phones and other forms of mobile technology all started with that ill fated walk I had one day in 2009, which resulted in my phone going down a storm drain and basically disappearing.  Have you guys ever had any issues like mine?  Feel free to tell me in the comments about the worst experience you had breaking your cellphone.  Maybe it may help us all with our embarrassing moments of sadness with respect to our devices.

Feel free to comment below, or post on Twitter or on Facebook about your moments of phone shame, and/or phone disasters that have happened in your life.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Info on the RED Hydrogen Phone, the random expensive device that screams WHY.

No, really, I really want to know what the point of this device really is.

red hydrogen

RED, the camera company known for high end camera products that have extravagant prices, has surprised us all with a new Android phone called the RED Hydrogen (or Hydrogen One). The pre-orders began yesterday.  RED is a company that is known for camera products such as the RED Weapon X, the Camera that costs more than most peoples yearly salary, and other insane 4K and 3D cameras in Hollywood.  The prices of RED camera typically cost 50,000 dollars and higher.  With those prices, we can only imagine that the RED Hydrogen One will have a wildly extravagant price.

So knowing this, its safe to say that the RED Hydrogen will have an equally as ridiculous price tag.  Details are pretty light on the device, however The RED Hydrogen is being touted as ‘The Worlds first Holographic Media Machine”.  The 5.7″ display uses nanotechnology to move “between traditional 2D content, holographic multi-view content, 3D content, and interactive games”.  The press release was extravagant at best.

The press release is relatively aggressive, and the phone is known as the RED Hydrogen One in the press release.  Save for the name and a bunch of unfounded claims regarding the display and other features, not much is known about the device.  From what we do know, the phone will be unlocked, with no carrier bloatware.   Additional accessories will be available at launch for an additional price.  Knowing the price of the actual device, and the company as a whole,  the accessories will be relatively insane.

As stated by the press release, the RED Hydrogen will be modular as well. In the press release, the company promised that the RED Hydrogen One will be compatible with its camera products and an “ever expanding modular component system”.  The device will have a headphone jack, microSD expansion for storage, multi-dimensional audio tech, and the phone will have USB-C plug for charging.

The RED Hydrogen is currently taking pre-orders for the Hydrogen, and it will ship in early 2018.  The RED Hydrogen One will come in two variants, the ‘Titanium’ version will cost $1595, and the ‘Aluminum’ version will cost $1195.

Ironically, did anyone catch the pre-order information that states that “Current pricing is available for a limited time only”?  That can only mean these rather expensive phones may be even more expensive.  I’m just not sure what the actual point of an extremely expensive device really is.  Also, why would they launch pre-orders and not give any actual specifications of the device?  I’m highly intrigued about the device.