Would you want a squeezable phone? HTC apparently thinks so.


I don’t know about you folks, but this new HTC phone that will be announced May 16th seems peculiar to me.  I might have been the only person on earth who did not care to ever interact with the edge display on the S7 edge, and never really had a chance to interact with the edge display on the Note 7 due to its untimely demise.  I know that edge devices are amazing and being able to swipe from the edge to get some added commands and features makes us all feel high tech and futuristic.  But to squeeze your phone in order to use extra features?  Very strange.

The HTC U, codenamed Ocean, will have the squeeze ability when it comes to market in mid may.  The oft-rumored, better than the HTC U Ultra phone will supposedly have sensors strategically placed around the phone as a part of its ‘Edge Sense’ functionality.  These sensors will give you the ability to interact with your phone by squeezing particular places on the device.

The squeezeable phone idea is apparently not new, as it was shown previously in prototype form as the ‘Grip UI’ by Japanese carrier NTT Docomo.  Aside from the squeezability of the device, the HTC U will launch with the Snapdragon 835 chip inside, 5.5 inch 2560×1440 display, 12MP rear and 16MP front (because selfies only matter these days?) camera,  and Android Nougat 7.1.    Hopefully this will come to be more of a success than the overpriced, underwhelming HTC U Ultra that launched earlier this year.

But would you want a phone that you can interact with by squeezing?  Or does the idea make your hand hurt like it does mine?

Oh, and check out HTC’s tagline:  “Squeeze for the Brilliant U”.   That’s too much.

source: @HTC on Twitter


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