Would you buy a Pebble smartwatch now?

Pebble smartwatches were extremely exciting back in 2013, coming off a record 10 million dollar kickstarter run the year before.  The idea of being able to get notifications from your smartphone onto your wrist, and essentially control your smartphone from your wrist was amazing.  I even had a Pebble off an on back in 2013/2014.  But I’m not so sure that I would buy one now.

However, as smartwatches evolved, the Pebble’s popularity lost steam.  Many folks have more capable smartwatches now.  Apple watches are extremely popular, and Android Wear watches are also gaining on the smartwatch market as well.

Perhaps realizing that their market share was becoming an issue, Pebble announced in late 2016 that after the acquisition of the company by fitness tracking giant Fitbit, that they would no longer manufacture or support their smartwatches.  Even still, there are Pebble watches on sale to this day.   But with everything that has happened with the company, would you spend the money on the Pebble?  Or would you save that money for something with say, a touch screen?

Especially with the fact that there are so many more capable watches in the market.  But maybe there are more people that are interested in getting a smart watch for under 50 bucks?

I noticed the Pebble sale last night on Amazon, and it made me wonder.  With prices for the first generation Pebble smartwatch at 24.95, that’s a pretty good deal if you want a inexpensive way to check your text messages without digging for your smartphone.  Except you would also be buying into a dead company at the same time.  With a product that won’t be supported should you have any issues with your device.  But with a price at 24.95, would that matter to you?

Does the deal seem amazing to you?  Are you thinking about  picking up a piece of smartwatch history? Let me know what you think below.


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