Why on earth would you spend $50 on a Screen Protector?

No really, why would you spend 50 of your hard earned dollars on something that is made to potentially break, and fray, and generally just fail at any given moment in time?  Sure screen protectors are made to protect your screen, but curved screens tend to leave protectors generally failboat likely faster than you can throw your relatively expensive phone at.

We all know very well that screen protectors are there to protect the screens of our expensive devices,  and the multitude of options for screen protectors has confused us for decades.   Invisishield Screen Protectors have always been at premium pricing levels, and curved screens have always been elusive to screen protector manufacturers, but ZAGG has gone to an extreme with the pricing of their S8 screen protectors.  Best Buy sells them, which means you know very well that salespeople will be recommending these overpriced screen protectors when you pick up your brand new S8.

Why would you do this?!

A quick look on Amazon gives you multiple options for curved screen protectors for less than half the price of the ZAGG version.  Surely with the same quality of screen protection as ZAGG protectors give,  with the same issues that the ZAGG protector has with the curved screen dilemna.  With many flagship phones that exist today, screen protectors will automatically have a slight curve to them for a natural, more ergonomic feel,  but attempting to curve the screen to a greater level as the S8 screen protector does will surely run you into some air pocket issues messing up your screen presses, and possibly a screen protector that surely will not last.

The screen protector currently has currently succumbed to some fairly dismal reviews on Best Buy’s website.  The dismal rating on Best buy should hopefully warn you that spending 50 dollars on a screen protector, let alone a poorly reviewed screen protector should be avoided at any cost.

Don’t waste your money.  You could buy your friend a Gear VR instead.  You could even buy someone a fancy present!



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