TH Thoughts – Do you like your phone?

Saturday is always the best day for random thoughts about technology, right?   Here at the Tech Homie, we like to make sure that peoples lives are made easier through understanding technology.  In order to do so, we need to see where you guys stand as far as your feelings towards technology.

Your smartphone is an incredibly important part of your life.  You use calendars, you connect with your friends and family, and capture memories of important times in your life.  Smartphones are also very expensive, so of course that plays an part in the lifetime importance thing.

But your smartphone can only serve as an important part of your life if it works to your liking.  So the question stands;

Do you like your phone?

What do you think about your smartphone?  How do you feel about the phone you’ve spent so much money on?  Is it an important part of your life?  Or is it nothing more than a phone?  Do you utilize the notes, the calendar, and other utilities?  Or do you mainly just use the phone, and that’s it?

What do you like about your phone?  What do you hate about your phone?  What do you wish you could change about your device?

Let me know what you think in the comments, so we can have a conversation!


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