Uber needs to save themselves.


From the Verge:

The company classifies its drivers as independent contractors, arguing they are in business for themselves and thus ineligible for traditional benefits like overtime and health insurance. Most critics have given up on efforts to pressure Uber to reclassify them as full-time employees, acknowledging there will likely need to be some new status created that encompasses the flexibility of driving for Uber that attracts some drivers, but also provides more job security and benefits than what currently exists.

Business practices that make working for the company close to slave-like conditions? Unacceptable. The fact that the company chooses to leave countries like Spain instead of changing their business practices, concerning. Covering up sexual assault cases for the sake of growing their business? Insane.

It becomes harder to use a service that has such crazy business practices, and even crazier business culture, and negative press for the vast majority of its existence.

It seems possible for the company to turn it around. Changing their CEO was a great move. There is much more to be done to solve the problem that is Uber however. Uber will need to change their business practices and their business culture to save themselves from more problems around the world.


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