The Tech Homie Plays; Nonstop Chuck Norris


Bored on a Saturday? Happens to the best of us.  From time to time I get sucked into the wide world of iOS and Android Games. . . Usually to the demise of any sort of productivity that I had planned for prior to my game play.  Today’s productivity fail leads me to the wide world of Chuck Norris beating up thugs possessed by a cat robot.

In Nonstop Chuck Norris you go through stages, endlessly, beating up bad guys, leveling up your weapons and armor (did I mention one of the options for armor is a horse’s head called ‘Wait Masquerade’), and fighting bosses constantly. There’s even special moves where Roundhouse Kick’s to the head and Pushups that make lava come up from the ground in this game.   There are no shortage of ways to spend money in this game, but you honestly can have just as much fun without spending a dime.  The game moves pretty fast, but it’s pretty easy to get to the hang of.

During the loading screens you can see a plethora of Chuck Norris jokes, including “You can break into any computer system by typing ‘Chuck Norris’s Beard”, and other general foolishness about the Texas Ranger.  Check out some more screencaps from Nonstop Chuck Norris below.

The game as a whole is definitely foolishness wrapped in a smartphone app, but you can kiss your productive day behind in favor of general game playing Roundhouse kicking fun.   Check the game out in the Google Play store here; and search for Nonstop Chuck Norris in the iOS App Store.


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