The Nostalgia is real stateside folks, the Nokia 3310 will be compatible in the US


Some folks may remember the Nokia 3310, the indestructible brick that many of you guys had that you could play snake, and enjoy life on. Earlier this year, HMD announced the relaunch of the Nokia 3310 for those diehard fans of the iconic device. The Nokia 3310 took the design styling of the original 3310, but revamped with super bright, vibrant colors, and lighter toned metallic buttons.

When the revamped Nokia 3310 launched it was unfortunately unable to be used stateside; which was definitely a depressing start to the nostalgic launch. The inital 3310 relaunch was only compatible with 2.5G networks. However HMD revamped the revamped version of the Nokia 3310 model to make it compatible with 3G networks that are available in areas like the United States. Of course, 3G is bone-achingly slow compared to the LTE networks we all know and love, however you know that purchasing the Nokia 3310 would only be for nostalgia purposes only.

The revamped new Nokia 3310 will launch in October, with fancy colors (Azure! Charcoal!) and terrible data speeds, and a price that only hardcore Nokia fans would love. Nostalgia is nuts.

photo credit goes to Engadget


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