The Next Amazon Echo set to take on HomePod sound quality and features



Smart home speakers have become very popular over the last year, with devices such as the Amazon Echo, and Google Home entering millions of homes across the world.   Apple recently announced the HomePod, Apple’s smart home speaker that focuses on music, and sound quality over smart home features.   With the announcement of the HomePod it was only a matter of time before we started to get information on what companies like Amazon and Google will do next.

Amazon will set out to directly compete with the music and sound capabilities of the the Homepod according to sources reporting to Engadget.   Engadget sources report that the Echo will be a completely new version of the speaker instead of an addition to the family, like the Echo Dot, the Echo Look, or the Echo Show   The new version of the Echo will ditch the cylindrical design of the first Echo in favor of a HomePod-like design with rounded edges and a shorter form factor.

The updated design will help with the aesthetics of course.  The current high cylinder flat top design has aged fairly poorly against the more compact, trendier looking devices like the Google Home, and the upcoming Homepod.  My echo currently stands out like random skinny trashcan in the middle of my house.

Multiple tweeters will live inside the new Echo to improve upon the sound quality of the device.  The current Echo has one large tweeter and a woofer for low-end sound.   The newer improvements to the sound quality of the device, as well as the microphones in the Echo, will hopefully give the device a one up over the HomePod when both devices launch next year.   People reacted positively to the current Echo when it launched a few years ago,  It will definitely be interesting to see what will happen when the new version of the device launches.

According to Engadget sources, there is no pricing on the new Echo, however the current Echo is priced at 180 dollars.  The HomePod will launch at 350 dollars, so one could only expect that the new version of the Echo would be priced somewhere in between 180 to 350 dollars.



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