The LG V30+ will come soon after the LG V30.


The feature packed LG V30 will be announced the IFA event in Berlin on August 31st with premium specs and fanfare to match.  IFA  puts the best phones for the later half of 2017 on display, along with other mobile phone technology advancements.  The V30+ logo and information has now been leaked by popular tipster Evan Blass (@evleaks on Twitter).  If the photo and the enhanced image of the device are true, then the V30+ may even upstage the LG V30.

Despite the “+” moniker attached to the V30, the upgrades will likely be minor at best. The V30+ will likely bump the storage up to 128GB from the 64GB rumored to be in the LG V30. The V30+ is also expected to have higher quality audio, and fast wireless charging.  The V30+ will have a dual camera on the rear with a 16MP sensor and a 13MP sensor paired together.  Both devices will come with the Snapdragon 835 SoC,  and 6GB of RAM.

The V30 is looking to be a pretty classic phone in a sea of equally classic phones, including the Note 8, the Google Pixel XL 2, and the iPhone 8.  LG has a small hill to climb to beat out the other devices launching this year, however the V30 will give the others a run for their money.  LG launched the G6+ not long after they launched the LG G6.  So it makes sense that the V30 would have a souped up variant to go along with it.

The LG V30+, and V30 for that matter look to be a direct jab at the Galaxy Note 8, which LG needs to do to make some waves in the smartphone market. Will you look towards LG for your next device purchase? The decision will likely be a difficult one!



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