The Google Home Mini; a pocket sized powerhouse for your Smart Home needs

from Google

Google’s Pixel event was jam packed full of product launches, software initiatives, and a glimpse into the future of Google Hardware and Google software as it hits the masses. Along with the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google launched quite a few devices to cover the growing Smart Home category of consumer electronics. Amazon launched their future of Smart Home devices, so it only makes sense to see what Google has to offer for Smart Home devices. First up? The Google Home Mini.

Primarily it seemed as if Google should have launched a smaller Google Home version a bit earlier, to directly compete with Amazon’s Echo Dot, considering how insanely popular the Echo Dot was when it launched for Amazon last year. Google launched a smaller version of its popular Google Home this year during its Pixel event. Better late than never, I suppose.

The Google Mini is mainly a direct competitor to the Amazon Echo Dot, and it serves as a more affordable, compact way to equip your home with Google Assistant. The Google Home Mini is just about the same price as the Echo Dot, $49.99, granted I’m pretty sure that you could probably get the device for less when we get closer to the holiday season. The Google Home Mini is a bit easier on the eyes than the sharp edged Echo Dot, albeit a tag larger. The Google Home Mini is basically shaped like a pebble. The Google Home Mini comes in three colors; dark grey, grey, and coral. The Google Home Mini enables consumers to connect to Google Assistant anywhere in the house, without breaking the bank.

Unlike the Echo Dot, the Google Home Mini will not launch with an audio out jack, which is slightly disappointing. The Echo Dot came with an audio out jack, which enabled the device to connect to a speaker system to blast the sound out for people who wanted that feature. The Google Home Minis lack of an audio out jack may hinder most consumers ability to boost a bit more sound for people when they play music.

The Google Home Mini will have a lot of the same features as the Google Home, including the ability to set reminders, and search for answers on the web. Of course, with inferior audio to the Echo Dot. But if you happen to be using this in a smaller space, it wont necessarily matter to you.

The Google Home Mini basically exists for people who want a portable assistant for that may be able to help them with productivity, or automation, without being hindered by the size of the Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, or any other device that might be a bit too large to move around the house.

Check out more info on the Google Home Mini over here, and keep it locked onto for more news and information about technology.


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