The Galaxy Note 8 expected to be announced August 23rd; who’s ready?

After the mess that was the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung definitely has a lot to prove with the Galaxy Note 8 in 2017.   With tons of rumors flying fast and free with the Galaxy Note 8, we may possibly have a launch date for the upcoming Note flagship.  If rumors prove to be correct, the Note 8 will likely launch at the end of August, August 23rd to be precise.  

There have been tons of rumors flooding the airwaves for the next flagship from the South Korean company.  The flurry of info is all to be expected with a device as important to the company as the Note 8.  

This latest rumor comes from a report out of South Korea (from The Investor) that states the Note 8 will launch August 23rd, which will likely compete directly with the upcoming iPhone 8.  With this date, the Note 8 may be able to take some of the thunder from the upcoming iPhone 8 launch. That is, with recent issues popping up, and possible supply delays becoming a major problem for the next Apple flagship.

What does this mean for you?  If you missed the Galaxy Note 7, then you might be excited for the the Note 8.  If you can’t live without a stylus?  Then the built in stylus can be a great help for the business minded stylus wielding folks.  Folks who love the customizability of Android in a larger package.  However, if you are looking for a smaller device, then this device might not be good for you. 

If you are interested in the Note 8, let me know!  We will likely hear more about the device soon with the announcement date coming near.  

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