The Amazon Echo Plus looks to be the control center of your connected home

Continuing on the launch party that was Amazons surprise event yesterday was the Amazon Echo Plus, the beefier sibling to the new Echo looks to the serve as the control center for your connected home. The Echo Plus will be the more powerful sibling to the Echo Family. The Echo Plus is designed to connect to various connected home devices to make your connected setup fluid around the house, home office, or other important dwelling in your life.

The Echo Plus is made for connecting to other devices to make the connected setup flow throughout the house. The Echo Plus will go on sale for 149.99, which is less expensive than the first generation Amazon Echo, which went on sale in 2014 for 179.99.

More consumers are looking to enhance their home with connected technology. Amazon will use the Echo Plus, along with the other Echo products, to ride the wave to smart technology that makes our lives easier.

Amazon will also be competing with the likes of Google, Apple, Nest, and Samsung even to control the market as customers continue to look for different ways to make their home truly connected.


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