TH Quick Tips – automatically dial number extensions on the iPhone!

Picture this; you’re running late for work, and you have a conference call you need to dial into when you get to work. You rush into work, and fumble around with your cellphone to dial into the call. After you have dialed in, you quickly put in the extension, passcode, whatever you need to plug in to get into the call. You have to dial in the extension multiple times before you finally get into the call, and you dial in late. I know I’ve dealt with this problem multiple times, I’m sure you guys have as well.

So what would you say if I found a hack that automatically dials the extension, or passcode that you need to dial after you call an important phone number? It’s pretty simple. Here’s what you need to do;

1. Begin by creating a contact like you would normally.

2. Next, put in the phone number that you want to add as a contact.

3. After the phone number,press the “+*#” number, then press the ‘pause’ button. A comma will pop up when you do this.

4. Put in your extension (or passcode, or whatever) directly after the number. (Do you need to wait a little while after you dial the phone number to put in your passcode? then press the “wait” button instead of the pause button. this will space out the amount of time between dialing the number and dialing the extension.)

5. Profit! (to be sure, give it a try, BEFORE you run into a situation like I mentioned above)

Hopefully this particular tip can help you save a little time, and add a little more convenience to your life. Sometimes, finding ways to get things done faster can help us all out in the never ending runaway train that we call life.

Did it help you out iPhone owners? Let me know! Android Owners? Stay tuned for your tip soon!


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