TH-Deals: Buy 2 Echo’s, Save 100 dollars

The Amazon Echo is currently on a “Buy 2 and Save” sale. If you buy 2 Amazon Echo’s, you save 100 dollars. I find a lot of people love using the Echo to play music in their Home, connect the device to other Smart Home features, and play Jeopardy Trivia, (oh yes it definitely exists).  Is it enough of a sale for you to double up on Echo’s for the home?

While I love my Echo that I have, I’m not entirely sure that I would spend 260 dollars on a pair of Echo Devices.  However, It might not be such a bad idea if you are in need of two for different rooms in your home.

Along with the Echo, the Echo Show is also on a “Buy 2 and Save” sale, where you can save 100 dollars when you buy 2 Echo Show’s.  The Echo Show is Amazon’s latest smart home offering where you can make video calls with virtually everyone, along with all of the other features known from the Alexa service.
If you want to get one for a parents birthday, or a close friend, this may be a better sale idea than the Echo. Who knows.

Ineterested in either of these sales?  Check them out below: Click the Picture to see the deal.


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