Tesla sends hundreds of Powerwall Batteries to Puerto Rico

Its always good to see when people are doing good things for folks who need it. As you all know, Hurricane Maria absolutely hammered Puerto Rico. The hurricane knocked power out to almost all of the commonwealth, leaving millions of people without power, and the ability to keep themselves, and their food cold. Not long after the storm knocked power out to Puerto Rico, Tesla began shipping powerwall batteries, their standalone portable powerbanks, to the commonwealth, in order to assist with giving power to the areas that are without power right now.

Tesla sent their employees to install the units, and to assist in finding the best locations to install the powerbanks for the population. The commonwealth’s power network has to undergo massive repairs and ultimately be rebuilt from scratch, and it could be possible to use the technology behind Tesla’s powerbanks to weave into Puerto Rico’s power grid.

Its so good to see companies do great things in order to help society, yet the struggle will continue to be massive for Puerto Ricans as they find a way to continue to survive after being devastated by Hurricane Maria.

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