Tech Homie Tips – staying happy with your Bluetooth devices

A couple of weeks ago I was at a party. Someone wanted to play some music from a speaker. I grabbed the speaker and paired their device to it, and voila, we had music for the party.

When the phone started getting a little farther away from the speaker, the sound would start going crazy, start cutting out, and the music could barely be heard through all of the shenanigans that was going on.

I got to thinking, and arrived with a tip for the day:

When using your Bluetooth, always be aware of how far your phone is away from the speaker/headset/system/keyboard that you are paired to. You get too far from the device, you end up with a pretty janky experience. Usual Bluetooth speakers (that is before Bluetooth 5) have a range of roughly 30-35 feet. Bluetooth 5 stretches the range out to about 100 feet. Not bad.

It’s easy to see what Bluetooth system might be hijacking your experience. On Android, go to settings > connections > Bluetooth to pair, connect, unpair, or view your devices. On iPhone, go to settings, and Bluetooth, and you can check out your Bluetooth information there.

This way, you can clear up any bugs that you run into with respect to pairing your Bluetooth.

Have trouble connecting to your Bluetooth device? Always remember to toggle you Bluetooth as a good way to reset your system. That can always fix some easy problems that happen with devices. Whether you are toggling the Bluetooth on your phone or on the device, always give that a shot first before you become concerned.

Bluetooth is great, but can sometimes be a bit of a headache. Let me know if you jeee help with anything Bluetooth related in the comments, or in on Facebook , Twitter, or LinkedIn


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