Tech Homie Reviews: LG G6

LG has had some interesting iterations of its flagship G series of phones.  From the 1st version, the LG Optimus G, to the G6 that we have today,  LG has had a long journey of missteps, triumphs, and innovations with their flagship series.    The LG G6 launched earlier this month to fanfare and anticipation, especially after 2016’s hiccup that was the LG G5.

The specifications of the G6 are flagship category, which is a step up from the previously launched HTC U Ultra.  The G6 Specs:

  • Dual 13MP Rear Camera
  • 5MP Front Camera
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB Storage/Expandable to 256GB with MicroSD
  • 3300 mAh Battery
  • 5.7″ Screen (light on the bezel,  and an almost 80% screen to body ratio)
  • Android Nougat 7.1


The LG G6 throws away the modular approach that they attempted in 2016 with the G5. Instead, LG has decided on a more sleek, unibody design that feels premium in the hand.  The edges of the devices add to the premium feel due to the chamfered edge that goes around the entire device.  I currently have the “Astro Black” version of the LG G6.

The color looks almost identical to the Jet Black iPhone version.  The color makes the phone feel sleek, and good in the hand, but it also makes the phone a finger print and scratch magnet. (As we speak there’s a pretty prominent scratch on the back side of the device due to me setting the device down on a surface, of some sort.) 

Now I have a severe issue with the scratches on this device. I have had this device for less than two weeks, and I have had an insane amount of scratches on this device.  Normal usage should not give this many scratches to the point where it could be an issue with the camera. 

LG, these scratches could have been avoided.  We already went down this road with the iPhone 7 Plus. You should been more careful.

The 5.7″ screen is certainly large, but does not feel large due to the very thin bezels on all sides of the device.  The screen to body ratio is amazing in general, yet when you compare the device phones like the iPhone 7 Plus, the G6 absolutely shines.  The device has an 18:9 screen, which is certainly helpful when playing games and watching videos. 

For some games and videos that aren’t made for the different screen to body ratio, LG gives you the ability to sort of stretch the screen so you can take advantage of the full 5.7 inches that is available on the G6.   The colors look accurate on the device (which has not always been the case with LG phones).  The screen does fairly well in the sunlight.

The G6 only has two buttons on the left side of the device, the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.  On the top of the G6 you have the headphone jack, which will always be a necessity in my opinion, and not a luxury.  On the bottom of the device you have the USB Type C port, and the speaker, which is in an unfortunate place depending on whether you are right or left handed.

Fingerprint Scanner/Power Button Placement

Like other G series phones, the power button rests on the the back of the phone, below the dual cameras.  LG pioneered the idea of power buttons on the back of the phone.  If you’ve never had a device with the power button on the back of the device, it does take a little getting used to at first.

The placement ends up being fairly natural, since your finger rests in that location when you hold the phone.  The power button also doubles as the fingerprint scanner.   The fingerprint scanner for the G6 is on the back of the device directly under the dual cameras.  The placement of the fingerprint scanner feels natural,  since your finger tends to rest directly under the phone.  Compared to phones that have their fingerprint sensors on the front of the device, (iPhone, Galaxy s7/7 edge, etc)  the fingerprint sensor feels just right to me.

The fingerprint scanner is fast, which is a nice addition to a phone brand that can sometimes be bogged down by extra software.  With the G6, you have the ability to not only unlock your device, but to unlock certain content from apps like quick memo (LG’s notes app) and the gallery.    The LG G6 does not disappoint with the fingerprint now, but we will see what happens when the phone begins to show age.


The LG G6 has dual 13 MP Cameras on the back of the device. One camera is used for normal range shots, say if you need to take a picture of a particular item in front of you.  The other camera is used for wide angles.  as you zoom out from regular angle to wide angle the transition between the two cameras is almost seamless.  Regular daylight shots are nice.  The wide angle shots are quite helpful when you need to take a shot of your entire family, or all of your friends, or any other large group of people in one place at the same time.

The 5MP selfie camera could definitely have been improved upon, but if you aren’t one to take many shots of yourself, then I would not worry.  The quality of the front facing camera should be just fine for the majority of the folks who buy this device.  The main camera does well enough that I can look past the flaws of the front camera.


LG’s UI has always been a thorn in my side, due to the fact that its about the busiest software that exists in the android world.  The software on the LG G6 has improved slightly.  The Verizon version of the device has its fair share of Verizon bloatware, which luckily can be disabled to help save a bit of space.  Software on a device could become much smoother if carriers let some of their carrier apps become optional to download.  Perhaps for the LG G7 carriers could maybe lay off having so many carrier applications on the phone? Who knows.

Aside from the bloatware issue the G6 does run pretty smooth right now.  Games run pretty well on the device, yet it does run hot on occasion, which isn’t the best when you have to stop your perfect Geometry Dash session because your hands feel like they are on fire.  The phone itself won’t catch on fire, but after a few minutes of holding a relatively hot phone will surely make you wonder.


The LG G6 comes with a 3300 mAh battery.  While a 3500+ mAh would be preferred on a device that is 5.7 inches,  the G6 can pretty easily get through a day of moderate to heavy usage without needing a charge.  I normally take the G6 off charge around 6AM, and can easily get through the end of the work day around 47% battery power.  Most folks do not go about their days with multiple chargers in close proximity, so its good to have a phone that can last as long as the G6 does without having to worry about plugging the phone into a charger.


The LG G6 is a huge improvement over the disappointment that was the LG G5.  LG took the flaws of last years device to heart when they began to design the G6.  The device is sleek, premium, and even a little flashy where it needs to be.  Hopefully as time goes on, the LG G6 can hold its own against the likes of Samsung, HTC, and Apple, each of which will have devices launching this year.

What do you think about the G6?  Is it a device that you would want to use?  Or are you waiting to see what other phones are coming to market this year?  Let me know!


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