Tech Homie Reviews: EXO 200 Bluetooth Speaker by BĒM

You know your homie loves to check stuff out.  You also know your homie loves to Jam out to some music from time to time as well.  So what wouldn’t be better than checking out a Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth Speakers have become a dime a dozen these days, with options for every budget available almost everywhere. However finding a decent sounding inexpensive speaker can definitely be a challenge.

Knowing that Bluetooth speakers are generally a shot in the dark as far as quality is concerned, I was interested in giving the BĒM EXO 200 speakers a shot.  Bluetooth wireless speakers are meant for portability, not necessarily for quality.  But like I said, the EXO 200 seemed like it could be a successful attempt at using Bluetooth speakers.

This could also be because I got the speakers for free, but I digress…

The first thing to know about the EXO 200 speakers are the price. The speaker currently sells for 21.99 – 29.99 which is at bargain speaker level.   For comparison, the smallest speaker available from BOSE is roughly 150 dollars more than the EXO 200.

The EXO 200 is not large at all; it’s about the size of a Rubik’s cube. The speaker is basically rubberized on all sides except for the speaker grill, which is a deep orange color.  The speaker looks like it’s meant for the outdoors, or the beach.

I say that it’s made for the outdoors or the beach because the speaker comes with a caribiner clip, and is water resistant. The EXO 200 has an iP4 rating for dust and water resistance, meaning I probably wouldn’t bury the speaker in the sand nor would I go swimming with the speaker (why would you listen to speakers in the water anyway?).  But you can listen to the speaker in the shower while belting Whitney Houstons greatest hits.

The EXO 200 has an rechargeable internal battery that claims to last for up to 8 hours between charges.   I’ve noticed that with light usage the speaker can last for 8 hours easily.

The caribiner was fairly weak, and I almost immediately lost it after a couple of days but the thought of clip was nice.  The charging port, the headphone jack, and the Bluetooth indicator are all hidden under a rubber cover, which helps with the water resistance of the device.

On the other side of the speaker is the Power, Play/Pause, and Volume Up/Down button.  The buttons on that side are also rubberized as well.  Overall, the EXO 200 speaker is a fairly sturdy speaker.

As far as ease of use is concerned, the initial pairing process is super easy.  All you need to do is power the device on. The Bluetooth indicator light will flash blue letting you know that the device is in pairing mode.  From that point all you need to do is navigate to your phones Bluetooth section and you’re golden.

Now say you want to change the device that you want paired to your speaker.  In order to put the speaker back into pairing mode you have to press and hold the play button for a few seconds.  This tends to be successful approximately 50 percent of the time.

Under normal circumstances, this is not a big deal.  Under circumstances where you want to listen to music on your friends phones, (because you just don’t feel like searching for the music yourself….) then you need to switch your phones.  Speakers like the Sol Republic Deck (y’all remember this speaker?).

Now of course, that speaker was a little more expensive, but the NFC (Near Field Communications) technology that helped the Deck easily connect to more than one device is not terribly expensive to implement these days, and there is enough real estate on the speaker to use with your phone.

The sound on the speaker is pretty decent.  You could fill a room easily with the sound, but the sound isn’t as full as other speakers can sound. The range of the EXO 200 speaker is adequate for the price and the size of the device.   Other speakers with a more well rounded sound are larger, and usually are more powerful with a subwoofer possibly.  For the size, the EXO 200 speaker is adequate.

For the price, the EXO 200 speaker is a legit deal. However, you need to make sure that you take the speakers shortcomings into account when you purchase the speaker. Don’t expect bass out of the device and you will be perfectly fine.

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