Tech Homie How-To’s – How to update your smartphone

Smartphones are just like pocket computers.  Every so often, companies will send new versions of operating systems periodically to devices that fix bugs, update various systems within the device, and add new features to improve the experience.

One can think of an operating system update in the same way that a car periodically gets a tune up to improve it’s performance.

In order to begin the update process on smartphones, you can either check for software updates, or if you have been notified of an update for your phone, simply accept the notification, and watch the phone begin the update process.

Checking for updates can differ slightly from phone to phone, but some of the general software updating guidelines are generally the same.

Before you update your phone;

1. Verify that you have a solid backup for the items that are on your phone.  This will save you heartache if a disaster happens and you lose your data.

2. Check to make sure that your phone is on WiFi: Android phones will recommend that you are on WiFi before the system update begins, and iPhones cannot be updated unless they are on WiFi.

3.  Either plug your phone  into a charger, or make sure that your smartphone has a generous amount of battery left.  System updates on phones can and most definitely will drain your battery due to excessive power consumption.  In other words, a system update can, and will, suck your battery dry.

4.  If you are feeling up for it, go around and look into any news articles that give you information about the operating system update.

Once you follow the steps to get your phone ready to for a system update, then you need to check to see if you have an update.  The steps are different for Android and i  OS devices, since the operating systems are also different.

On Android:

  1.  Go to your settings (usually its a little gear icon that is displayed either on your home screen, or in your app drawer)
  2. Go to about phone (unless your phone has system updates in the main settings area, then you can just go there).
  3. Select “system updates”
  4. The system will then begin to check for updates.  If there is an update available, you can accept the update
  5. Sit back, and take in the full effect of an updated smartphone.  Until the next update comes, that is.

On iPhone:

  1. Head to the gear icon.  That will be where you find your settings.
  2. Click General
  3. Click Software update.
  4. Your system will briefly check for any available updates
  5. If a new update available, the system will notify you, and you can proceed to download and install the update.

So, here’s a fun tip that you can use periodically to check if your phone has any updates.

Stay tuned for more fun how-to’s from here in the future.




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