Tech Homie Quick Tip: Changing your iOS default email

For those that have multiple emails synced to their iPhone (or iPad), it can be slightly confusing to change your default emails.  By default email, I mean the email that your mail app will automatically default to when you send someone an email.  Anyway,  its always nice to have a shortcut that can help you manage your email.  So, naturally, here’s a step by step on how to change your default email:

  1.  Head to your Settings icon on your iPhone (iPad).
  2. From the Settings icon, you want to head to “Mail”
  3. From the Mail section, you want to scroll down to where you see “default email”. You can change the default email address the mail app will use here.

Now of course, you can always change your mail app all together if you find changing this default email a little annoying.  Also, if you only have a one off moment where you need to change the ‘sent from’ email,  you would be able to change that by pressing the space where you see your email in the ‘from’ area of your email message.  Check the picture out below.

the selection of emails

So, has this helped you out a little bit?  Hopefully so!  Be sure to send me a message if you have questions, or if you had trouble with following the tip!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


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