Tech Homie Tips – Email Etiquette

Ever wonder why your emails are not replied to? Ever wonder why people send you emails at all times of the night to accounts that you don’t read, or you can’t even get into in the middle of the night? Your most likely scenario is that you are on the receiving end of some bad email etiquette.

I may not be the worlds foremost expert on email etiquette, I’ve definitely committed my fair share of crimes against email humanity. But hopefully what I’ve learned in my adventures with email will possibly help you with your email adventures.

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when dealing with email;

Emailing personal information to your work email;

Don’t think that it’s cute to be talking about your rough night at the club to your work best friend via work email. Work email is pretty much always monitored, and it is guaranteed that someone will always be reading your business if you put your business out there.

Look at your watch, if you don’t believe your recipient is awake, don’t send the email;

If you are up in the middle of the night doing whatever it is you feel the need to do, that’s fine. You are allowed to sleep whenever you need to sleep, and you are allowed to be awake whenever you need to be awake.

However not everyone has the same sleep schedule that you have. Some people need to have their sleep, and might not like being woken up by the sound of an email notification (yes you can definitely just silence your phone but if you happen to be one of those folks that needs to leave your phone on…).

If you can wait to send emails at a time where more people will be awake, then send the email at the later time. Same scenario for those night owls that do not sleep until 1-2am. If the email wakes a person up, then refrain from sending that email.

Sending one word emails;

Why would you waste your time? Why would you waste my time? Why would you waste anyone’s time with a one word email? You spent more time preparing for the email then you did writing the email. You could have sent a SMS. SMS stands for short message service. That is the point of a short message, to send with the Short Message Service. Anyway….

Sending things you don’t want anyone else looking at, ever, no matter what circumstance;

Got a new sassy clothing item you want to show, someone? If you don’t want anyone else to see it, sending it through your G-mail account will instead show that picture to every person that might be monitoring your emails journey between you and that special someone. What a fun show that could be! (Really, it won’t be).

Clearly there are tons of things to not do when dealing with email services. I have only touched on the tip of the iceberg here. Let me know about your other pet peeves in the comments!


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