Stuck on what phone to get in late 2017?  Let’s break it down with Homie’s Guide

Buying phones in the second half of the year can be a very tough process. We are here to help.

We are knocking on the door of the hottest phone launch period of the year, where the big shots, (Apple, Samsung, LG) are prepping their finest devices the world has ever seen, and customers are feeling a little confused as to what they want to invest their hard earned money in. Yes, I know very well that some of y’all are still holding on strong to that 3 year old iPhone 6, which I can’t really blame you for doing so, but the rest of you are now beginning to feel that headache that comes when it’s time to walk into that local phone store to upgrade your device.

Until this point there have been endless amounts of leaks hitting the airwaves which hasn’t done much but make your headache get worse as you wait for the perfect time to buy your phone.  You know, that feeling of nervousness that you get when you make the decision to go into the cellphone store, realizing that you need to get a new phone.

Sometimes a handy guide may help guide you through the kick off to flagship phone madness, and perhaps stave off the always dreaded cellphone buyers remorse syndrome that we have all dealt with at some point.

Your homie has decided to help out with the deciding process by giving you the first annual Homie’s Guide to Phones, Fall 2017 season.  This guide intends on helping you fine folks wade through the hype train and utter foolishness to help you decide on the flagship device that deserves the righteous spot in your pocket, or purse, or holster (yeah, holsters are still pretty cool in my book).

So far, we know most of the phones that will launch this year. Apple will show off three devices this year, with the iPhone 7s, the iPhone7s plus, and the iPhone 8.  Samsung will use the Galaxy Note 8 to erase the nightmare that was the Galaxy Note 7.  LG will bring the third rendition of its media centric V series devices to light with the LG V30.  Of course, for the purists out there, Google will launch the Pixel 2, and the Pixel XL 2.

So here are my thoughts on what you should get in the latter half of 2017.

iPhone 8


The iPhone 8 is the most anticipated phone ever to hit the airwaves since the first iPhone in 2007.  You know that an insane amount of people are all about their iPhones, especially if you happen to stroll over to the local nail salon, library, or Starbucks (I noticed the amazing amount of iPhones while riding the q-line in Detroit yesterday). A lot of these folks may have no idea why they have an iPhone, or why they stand in line every year to get the newest iPhone from the local Apple store.

2017 will be no different. The [iPhone 8] has been leaked, rumored and discussed to the gods and it’s only a matter of time before people will be lining up for miles to spend a grand to get the new iPhone hotness with the ugly gold 70s style color option.  I suppose retro is a good look in 2017.  But man is the Blush Gold version kind of terrible looking.

The iPhone 8 will have a almost bezel-less 5.8 inch display, dual cameras, a face unlock feature that will take the place of Touch ID, and the fun upgrades that we have already had a hint of with iOS 11. Upgrades will come to the Front and Rear cameras, waterproofing will again be featured with the iPhone 8, and we won’t see a Rose Gold version. Possibly a “Blush Gold” instead. The blush gold looks terrible, but you better believe people will eat that color up.

The storage should be roughly the same as last years iPhone 7, with 32gb/128gb/256gb options available. Wireless charging may be available for the iPhone 8, although I don’t really care much about wireless charging, and most people advise against charging devices wirelessly.  Yes, you could look rather g-like when charging your phone wirelessly, however, lets make sure your phone gets its full usage, without any issues.

Touch ID has been a bit of a mess with the iPhone 8. It has been rumored to be on nearly every side of the device, including embedded in the power button. The drama surrounding where Touch ID will end up (if it will end up on the device at all). Has made it all but crystal clear that the iPhone 8 will not be readily available until late into 2017.

The iPhone will also tip the 1000 dollar mark when it comes to pricing for the device. The hefty price can serve as either a deterrent or an even better reason to invest in an iPhone 8 this year.

Wait, so should I buy the iPhone 8?

The question remains, should you buy the iPhone ? Its going to depend on what your thought process is here.

So you have to say to yourself, is spending 1000 dollars on this phone worth it? You can bet that the phone will use the face unlock feature that can probably be hacked fairly easily. You can also bet that there will more than likely be things that the iPhone 8 still cannot do that Android devices have been doing for years.

If you buy the iPhone 8, your camera will likely be fantastic, although slightly awkward with the dual cameras switching to a vertical layout instead of the horizontal layout we had with the 7 plus last year.

The price is high. This has been expected. I would definitely be interested in seeing the reasoning behind the price, however with the largest storage option for the 7 plus hitting almost 1100 dollars, it’s hard to be surprised as well.

I can definitely understand the hype here with the iPhone 8. This has been a device that has been changing the world of technology for a decade, and making it easier to connect and learn about the world with a device that fits in your pocket.

The emotions will definitely be running high for a large part of the population. So some people will definitely be in that line days for days waiting to get their hands on a piece of history.

But you are more than likely not one of those folks. You may love your iPhone, but maybe not enough to stand in line to buy the phone.  Lets break it down…

If you have the iPhone 6s or earlier, and you refuse to get any device other than an iPhone, and you are comfortable with the 1000 dollar purchase (along with accessories, Bluetooth headphones, and other shenanigans that you will be purchasing as well).

Your iPhone 6s will soon be out of the AppleCare coverage time, and you won’t be very happy if your phone starts malfunctioning after your AppleCare coverage runs out. Keep in mind, it’s probably going to be Christmas, if not 2018 when you can get your hands on an iPhone 8. You know, delays, and possibly your alarm clock not going off, causing you pain from not waking up at 3am to preorder your phone. That definitely happens.

If you have a 7/7 Plus, I don’t see it being worth the 1000 dollar purchase. Unless you really hate bezels. I mean you have to REALLY hate bezels to want to buy a new phone a year after you bought your last one. Or you fall into the category of the first mentioned group of folks who have had every iPhone since 2007. If you fall into that category, I am definitely not here to stop you from your destiny.

iPhone 7s/ iPhone 7s Plus

Not as much has been mentioned about the iPhone 7s/7s Plus versions.  Except for the death of the Rose Gold option, of course.  This will be your typical incremental upgrade year for those who have phones that are the 6s or earlier. The new 10nm A11 chipset will come along for the party which is fantastic. I mean, there is not a lot mentioned about these guys. Except possibly the 7s Plus may be the iPhone Pro? You will see your typical super chin, and super forehead, I mean it is what it is. But odds are, some people may not care.

Wait, should I buy the iPhone 7s/ 7s Plus?

Lets be real here, this is the safe upgrade for iPhone users that do not want to pay buckets of dollars for a phone.  Sure, the iPhone 8 is super amazing, but super experimental as well.  If you are concerned about dealing with experimental devices, the better bet is to get an iPhone 7s and call it a day. It’s also safe to say that you may not deal with as many early adopter issues with the iPhone 7s as you would the iPhone 8.  So for the majority of folks, the iPhone 7s may be perfect for you.  The iPhone 7 plus had a pretty amazing camera, so the 7S plus should stick with the same camera set up as its predecessor.  So if you are a fan of iPhone cameras, go for the 7S/7S Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

credit: CNET

We all remember what happened to the Galaxy Note 7 right?  The Note 7 was amazing.  The specs were legit, the feel of device was legit, everything about the Note 7 was legit, except for the fact that the phone had a tendency to be straight fire.  By straight fire,   I mean the phone could catch on fire.  Many folks were definitely upset about the way that the Note 7 went down in 2016.   We all know about the recall that Samsung had to deal with regarding the Note 7.  We definitely do not want to relive that nightmare again.  The Note 8 was just announced today at the latest Samsung Unpacked event. The phone looks pretty fire in my opinion.

The Galaxy Note 8 will look to erase the issues that the previous Note had to deal with in 2016.  The fire-prone Note 7 was a huge disappointment to the extremely loyal Samsung Galaxy Note fans across the world.  The Note 8 will hope to alleviate some of the disappointment with the Note 7 with some impressive device hardware and software updates, and (hopefully) a less flammable battery and charging situation.

The Note 8 comes with a 6.3″ AMOLED display with a 2960×1440 resolution.  The Note 8 will follow the trend of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with the infinity display giving the Note 8 super slim bezels and a fairly long phone.  The Note 8 also has a dual camera set up,  the S-Pen, Bixby Voice with a dedicated Bixby button.  The camera’s are both 12 megapixel with a 8MP front facing camera.  Samsung cameras have a tendency to be a little wonky, so it will be interesting to see how the Note 8’s camera will fare.  The Note 8 and the S Pen are also IP68 water resistant.

Should I buy the Note 8?

Well, if you are still upset about the Note 7 fiasco,  I would probably wait another generation to be 100 percent sure that the Note series of phones won’t catch on fire.  Some people had some costly accidents result from the Samsung Note 7,  so it only makes sense that some people aren’t ready to come back to Samsung.  The battery may be smaller, and super tested for safety,  but you could still be a little nervous.  I dig your safety focused mind.

The Note 8 is expensive.  Expensive with a capital EXPENSIVE.  T-Mobile’s pricing brings the Note for 930 dollars.  Sprint has the phone at 960 dollars,  Verizon’s price is the same, at 960 dollars, and AT&T has the phone for 950 dollars.

The 64GB Galaxy Note 8, the only model available, will set you back a pretty penny for a company that had a tough go of it in 2016.  You might be like hey, why not a 32GB model?  64GB of storage is the low end of devices these days, so its safe to say you will not be getting any more 32GB Samsung flagship devices going forward.

People who are cost conscious will more than likely stay away from the Galaxy Note 8.  People might believe that the Note 8 may not be worth the hefty price.  Shoot, seeing that extra 40 dollars on your bill is going to be miserable,  we all know this.  Is it worth it?  If you are thinking this as you are reading, then no, its definitely not worth it.

However, the Note 8 follows in the footsteps of the S8 and S8+ with their infinity display technology.  The Note 8 will have an amazing display to watch YouTube, and other types of media on the device.  If you are a person who uses their phones to watch YouTube and play games on the device.

Samsung tends to throw in tons of free stuff with new phone launches.  Free stuff is kind of awesome when you think about it, right?  Especially when you are ultimately paying almost 1000 dollars for a phone.  It eases the pain of spending so much money when you get some extras along for the ride.  The Note 8 also has a built in stylus and tons of note taking/content creation features that will help the power users and the super productive business owners with organizing their lives.  If you need your phone to work for you, then go for the Note 8.

LG V30

credit: TechRadar

Well, the LG V30 is coming.  The V10 was alright with its kind of pointless second screen,  the V20 had some cool commercials and got rid of that pointless second screen,  the V30 should be a little bit better with a styling that looks strikingly close to the LG G6.

The phone will launch August 31st according to rumors posted around the internet.  This puts the V30 ahead of the Note 8, and the iPhone 8.  The V30 will be slightly more affordable around a 700 dollar price tag at launch time.  The V30 will have the Snapdragon 835 on deck, a curved 6.0″ OLED display.  They may forego the second screen for the V30, which is okay since the second screen makes no sense anyway.

The V series devices have always been feature packed,  with quality audio and video playback coming with the V30.  Not entirely too much is known about the V30, except the device will be very feature heavy when it comes to market in the fall.

Without seeing more information about the V30,  its hard to actually say whether its a good buy.  Going off of the previous V series devices, content consumers and content creators will love the V30.

Wait, so should I buy the V30?

This is going to be up to you here (isn’t this the point?).  LG phones have been notorious for being relatively buggy on the software side,  with class action lawsuits coming against them do to bootlooping issues, and generally junk software.  The G6 made some small improvements, however you will still get the urge to immediately download an Android launcher from the start.  Do you not want to bother with crazy software or the need to make a BUNCH of changes upon first boot?  Then tread lightly when it comes to LG devices.  LG still has a bit of work to do when it comes to smoothing out the software on their Android Phones.

Do you want to spend a little less on your phone this year?  The V30 should be a little less price-wise than the other phones I mentioned,  and hype-trains aside,  you probably wont be missing much when it comes to devices features and hardware specifications with the V30,  so you could be able to save a little money while getting a pretty okay device.  This may be a great cost-centric move here.

There’s not much else to really think about when it comes to the V30, except the camera and audio should be top notch; like it was on the other V series of devices.  LG can definitely manufacture some great feature packed devices for less than their competitors.  If the rumors are true,  This may be a great way to get a great device and not be broke for the rest of the year.  Money is important coming up to the holiday season.

Google Pixel 2/Pixel XL 2


You’ve seen the rumors on the Tech Homie.  Rumors about the two devices have been plastered all over the internet for months.  The Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 are coming.    The unveiling will happen on October 5, likely just after the iPhone 2017 announcement.

The Pixel XL 2 may follow the bezel-free trend,  the Pixel 2 may not.  If the Pixel 2 comes with a hefty forehead and chin,  it would be disappointing, but not completely heartbreaking.  The devices will likely be spec’d out to flagship levels, and be solid in the hand.   The Pixel should come with the Snapdragon 836 chip under the hood, for liquid smooth performance  which should be expected from Google.

The Pixel devices will likely set off the Android Oreo wave, and all the improvements that come along with a new operating system update.  Pixel devices, and generally anything that comes out of Googles wheelhouse are generally first to receive the latest updates, which is always solid. The Pixel XL 2 is rumored to be 6 inches as well, which should be fantastic for content consumption.  There will be a single camera on the back of the device, instead of the dual cameras which seem to be prevalent in this years flagship devices.  The Pixel will likely not be super flashy, but it will serve its purpose for owners.

Wait, should I buy the Pixel 2/XL 2?

Do you like going through Google for your phone purchases?  Then hit that bad baby up.  Do you want to go for an installment plan and not buy the device outright from Google?  Well, the first Pixel went through Verizon only, which was disappointing for those who wanted to purchase a Google Pixel yet not want to pay the phone upfront.  If the exclusivity continues with the 2nd series of devices, that ends up being a lot of money left on the table, and a lot of people possibly deciding against the Pixel 2/XL 2.

Are you an Android purist?  By purist I mean you only settle for Android in its purest, least affected by bloatware, form.  The Pixel, and the Nexus line of devices before that were definitely SO clean.  They were perfect because you didn’t have to disable every annoying carrier app that would suck the life out of your phone.  If you enjoy the pure Android life, and disabling carrier apps makes you a little mad with society,  then you cannot go wrong with a Pixel.

Well!  That was fun!  But I think you are missing…

Oh yeah, there will be tons of phones that launch in the second half of 2017.  From HTC, Blackberry, Huawei, TCL, Nokia, etc.  Let me know if there are any phones that you want me to discuss, and I will update this page as more information comes through the line about the upcoming 2017 flagship devices.   The mobile phone world is always changing,  so Homie’s Guide to Phones will always be changing to keep you updated and in the know.

Stay tuned y’all.


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