Social Media Racist AD problems? Shameful. But will it end? Doubtful

From the Verge

But the outrage and indignation that an executive like Sandberg displays, though likely genuine, also feels superficial. The success of her company was built on its propensity and eagerness to perform exactly the type of function that was revealed last week. In other words, the embarrassment isn’t a sign that the platform’s ad system is broken, but the exact opposite. It’s evidence that it’s working as it was designed. Facebook, Google, and others have developed automated systems that blindly vacuum up, and then monetize, such a wealth of data that the events of last week were almost inevitable.

This is a problem that will go away when the powers that be realize how much of a big deal issues like racist and anti-semitic ads impact the audience as a whole.

Hopefully Zuck realizes what role he plays in all of this.


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