We provide many services that can help make your life easier through technology.  Here’s a breakdown of what we provide.

DATA Transfer (for the Computer)- $125

We  transfer your important data from an old Desktop PC or Laptop and transfer it to a new Computer.  We can also back up the data to an external hard drive for safe keeping.  We can also help you decide what external hard drive would be best for your needs.

New Computer Set-up – $50

We will set up your new computer, make sure any unwanted software is taken off of the computer, and all of your important software is loaded onto new computer. We will set passwords for your computer as needed, and make sure that your computer is working properly.

WiFi networking – Hourly Pricing

We will analyze your current in-home WiFi and provide a detailed solution for the most optimized WiFi networking set up for your house.   We can also set up most WiFi products as well.  We can also troubleshoot your WiFi problems for a small fee as well.  We can help you decide on the best routers for your house, and we can also see if you need range extenders for your house as well.

Television Set Up – $150

We will set up your new Television, connect it to WiFI (if necessary), and set up the optimal viewing experience for you.  We can also mount Televisions up to 32″ as well.

Smartphone Consultation and Troubleshooting – $30

We can help you decide the perfect smartphone and smartphone plan for your needs.  We can also help you set up your new smartphone as well.

Tablet Set Up and Troubleshooting – $45

We can help you set up your new Tablet, iPad or otherwise, and make sure that everything is set up correctly on your new Tablet.

Do you need any other assistance with any technology needs?  We can help set up smartwatches, smart home speakers, and other types of smart technology for hourly pricing as well.  Pricing can be determined as needed.