Samsung’s next fitness device, Gear Sport, pops up in FCC filing

I’m not 100 percent sold on Gear devices of any kind. I had a short stint with the Gear S2 which resulted in my giving the watch to my friend. Text messages are cool to read on your watch but that could have been the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

So it’s natural for me to be a little skeptical about an upcoming Samsung Gear wearable. It’s even more natural for me to be skeptical about a sport centric Gear wearable. But needless to say, another Gear device is not exciting to me as I would like it to be.

The Gear S3 was more impressive, but still not something that every homie around the way would jump over people to grab at the local Best Buy. The Gear Fit was, dumb. The red color for the device was definitely cute but the Gear Fit didn’t have much of a purpose in the world, with multiple Gear wearables already in the market.

Apple pretty much dominates the smart watch market. Fitbit is more well known with fitness trackers, followed by companies like Garmin, and misfit. Apple Watches are becoming more popular, Fitbit devices are still popular, cheap wearables are still fairly cheap, yet popular.

Is there really room, or a point, to have a Gear Sport? Entirely possible, if the device is water resistant, LTE capable, and not so bulky that your wrist might hurt at any given moment. Also, if Samsung finally decides to do something about their lousy gear App Store.

The Gear Sport has crossed the FCC paths recently. No one knows anything about the device except for the fact that it is likely Tizen based, will be Bluetooth enabled, and will be WiFi enabled.

A lot of information of course, but for a leak from Pocket Lint, this sounds fairly promising.

Do we need another Smartwatch/smart fitness wearable from Samsung?

It might be a great way to track sleep, however.


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