Samsung plans to release the ‘Fandom’ Edition Galaxy Note 7

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Hey!  The Note 7 can be yours again, that is, if you have no sense of concern for flammable products and don’t mind traveling to South Korea to buy it.  If these things don’t bother you then look out for yet another attempt at a Note 7 Launch.

As Samsung continues to deal with the fallout from the ill fated Galaxy Note 7 launch in 2016.    The tide is beginning to turn in Samsung’s favor.  The company had to recall over 3 million devices due to battery exploding issues.

During the Note 7 debacle, the company was sued for the battery issue,  tried issuing short-term fixes, and had a failed relaunch.  Fortunately the company had a successful Galaxy S8 launch earlier this year. While the company did well with the recall overall, there were still a number of folks that still clung tightly to the Note 7 in early January.

To help ease the folks who were left burned by the Note 7 recall (pun intended), the company has been working on a refurbished Note 7 model with updated specifications and more than likely a smaller battery.  The Verge obtained information surrounding the relaunch of the Galaxy Note 7.   The refurbished Note 7 will be known as the Note 7 ‘Fandom Edition’ and will be available in South Korea at first for roughly $610 dollars.   According to a report The Verge found from The Wall Street Journal, the Fandom Edition Note 7 will launch on July 7th.  As stated by The Verge, Samsung will initially launch 400,000 units to three major carriers in South Korea first. But a small number of devices will be launched outside of South Korea afterwards.

Presumably the launch of the ‘Fandom Edition’ of the Note 7 won’t hinder any sales of the Galaxy S8 or the upcoming Samsung Note 8 in late August.

Interested in the Note 7 ‘Fandom Edition’?  Tell me more in the comments!


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