Quick Tips; finding your Battery Stats on Android

Have you ever wondered how to check your battery usage on Android? Ever wanted to see exactly how much battery you are wasting playing your new favorite game?  Then checking out your battery usage needs to be apart of your vocabulary. Battery statistics  have majorly improved with Android (nougat) 7.0, and are only expected to improve further with Android O.

For many different situations, including trying to find the app that sucks the most battery, to figuring out why your battery can’t keep a charge, checking your battery statistics is a very important part of smartphone usage.  For those who might be wondering how to take advantage of battery statistics here’s a few quick steps that will get you to your battery statistics:

  1. On your Android phone, go to settings
  2. In settings you want to navigate to the battery section.
  3. Look for battery usage.


The battery usage section will help you find different avenues to assist you in saving your battery usage.  You can tell how quickly your battery has drained, what is training  your battery, and whether  you need to power on some emergency battery saving  methods.  The section gives you a detailed breakdown of what system or application is using the majority of your battery, and other details.  You can also look at the length of time that the screen has been on since last full charge.

By seeing these statistics, you can see what apps use too much battery, and what apps use the proper amount of battery at any given moment in time. You can also determine whether your battery drain issue may deserve a trip to the local cellphone repair shop, or whether the drain on the battery is complete normal. This can help your battery, and ultimately your smartphone last even longer than you’d think!

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