Procrastinated a little too much for the holidays? We got you! The Echo Dot is on sale for 29.99

amazon echo dot.jpg

We know that procrastination is the essence of holiday gift buying for the masses.  I’ve got a deal for you for a functional smart speaker that you can use for a fun Smarthome project, or even just a fun party trick that you can use for your holiday parties.

The Amazon Echo Dot, at a regular price of $49.99 is on sale for $29.99 for the holidays.  The speaker will be perfect to program your smart lights, your smart switches, and even your garage door (if you need a garage door, that is.  I’ve got an Echo Dot in my room and personally, I just love doing the daily Jeopardy challenge when I’m bored, with the Amazon Echo Dot.

Definitely check out the Amazon Echo Dot if you are having trouble figuring out what to get your loved ones.  It’s a decent gift at $29.99.

You can purchase the Echo Dot at the following link:

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