Peer into the (possible) future with this Oneplus 6 concept;

Oneplus has an amazing track record of flagship spec’d phones for a mid-tier range price. The Oneplus 5 did not disappoint with stellar sales for 2017. However, the Oneplus 5 did have some setbacks with the design of the device. Considering the amount of phones that have launched with thinning bezels and the amount of phones that will launch with a nearly bezel-less display, the Oneplus 5’s display left a lot to be desired.

Since the Oneplus 5 has been around for a few months, now is the best time to hear possible information about the Oneplus 6. Naturally there are wishlists that cover the specs of 2018’s Oneplus offering, but what would the world want from the next Oneplus device? No bezels, of course. We don’t know for sure if the Oneplus 6 will have minimal bezels, but its certainly not surprising to begin to see concepts, and renders that will have a huge display that can cover all edges of the device.

Check out this concept from Upcoming Phones giving us a glimpse of thefuture of Oneplus could be with their upcoming Oneplus 6 launching most likely in 2018. Remember, this is only just a concept, and we don’t know if the device will look like this or not. But its fun to dream right? They have a legit concept on their hands though, however.


The front of the device almost bezel-less. It looks like there is no fingerprint scanner on the front of this device, or possibly it may be an attempt to embed the fingerprint scanner under the display. On the top of the display is home to dual front facing cameras, a speaker, and sensors.


The back of the concept device has a 25MP dual camera along with dual LED flash. The specs of this concept device have not only dual 16MP front cameras and dual 25MP cameras but a nearly bezel-less 5.5″ display and an IP68 rating for water resistance. There’s no word on RAM, storage, and the like, but this is definitely just a concept device so I’m not necessarily surprised that there’s not THAT much information with respect to the Oneplus 6 concept.

So will this be the new Oneplus that we will see? I kind of doubt this, however it would be amazing to see these specs in the next Oneplus model. Its safe to say that whatever happens with the next Oneplus, it should be bezel-less, and it should have some seriously insane specs to match. Are you guys ready for the Oneplus 6?


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