A little bit of retro for your weekend. . .


The Azio Vintage Keyboard. Retro chic, modern technology. The keyboard is currently in an Indiegogo campaign, and has gone over its goal be 70,000 dollars.  The vintage keyboard comes in three different colors.  Retro Classic Artisan, Retro Classic Onyx, and Retro Classic Posh.  The picture above is the Retro Classic Artisan model.

The model is a typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard with backlit keycaps.  The styling of the keycaps reminds me of playing with an old typewriter in my basement. I remember the feel and the sound of the keys of that typewriter to this day.


The top plate is made from genuine leather, and framed with a zinc aluminum alloy that will allow the keyboard to weather over time.   This allows for the vintage look that the keyboard will gain over time.  The keyboard will be available in traditional Windows format, styled to your country (US, UK, Nordic, German, Portugese), or the Windows Bluetooth format, with switchable Mac/Windows layout.

Have a room where you want to retro the layout?  A library, an office, or a reading room, with a computer set up?  This keyboard would be perfect for your room.  Along with some jazz music, of course.   Perhaps a turntable, or a Phonograph?


The keyboard is currently priced at $95 for the regular USB version, but of course higher donations give you a few more perks as far as the keyboard is concerned.  As I’ve said before, Azio has blown their indiegogo goal of 10,000 dollars out of the water, currently sitting around 83,000 dollars as we speak.


Clearly, the keyboard is a functional piece that accentuates the style-minded enthusiast at heart.  Sometimes having a little class to add to your set up can give you a step up in your productivity, and your aesthetic game as well.

Interested?  Ready to donate and reserve your model?  Check out the Indiegogo campaign here.  Learn more about Azio over here.  The keyboards that are already available for purchase look pretty interesting.

Ironic that Azio is headquartered in the City of Industry, CA isn’t it?  AZIO stands for A to Z, Input to Output.  From the looks of the website, the company prides itself on functionality and style with the products that they offer.

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TH Quick Tips – automatically dial number extensions on the iPhone!

Picture this; you’re running late for work, and you have a conference call you need to dial into when you get to work. You rush into work, and fumble around with your cellphone to dial into the call. After you have dialed in, you quickly put in the extension, passcode, whatever you need to plug in to get into the call. You have to dial in the extension multiple times before you finally get into the call, and you dial in late. I know I’ve dealt with this problem multiple times, I’m sure you guys have as well.

So what would you say if I found a hack that automatically dials the extension, or passcode that you need to dial after you call an important phone number? It’s pretty simple. Here’s what you need to do;

1. Begin by creating a contact like you would normally.

2. Next, put in the phone number that you want to add as a contact.

3. After the phone number,press the “+*#” number, then press the ‘pause’ button. A comma will pop up when you do this.

4. Put in your extension (or passcode, or whatever) directly after the number. (Do you need to wait a little while after you dial the phone number to put in your passcode? then press the “wait” button instead of the pause button. this will space out the amount of time between dialing the number and dialing the extension.)

5. Profit! (to be sure, give it a try, BEFORE you run into a situation like I mentioned above)

Hopefully this particular tip can help you save a little time, and add a little more convenience to your life. Sometimes, finding ways to get things done faster can help us all out in the never ending runaway train that we call life.

Did it help you out iPhone owners? Let me know! Android Owners? Stay tuned for your tip soon!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active leaks;

The latest rendition of the ruggedized outdoors version of the Galaxy S series of phones has leaked for the masses. Ever since the Galaxy S4 Active 4 years ago, the Active series of devices have been made available for those who want the latest smartphone specs, yet need a little more
protection for their phones to last the two years of typical usage that happens.

Each phone has the same general idea, military grade specs, a rugged body, and a larger battery to last against the elements. The S8 doesn’t stray too far from the pack here, with a 4000 mAh battery, rugged body, and a general “Active” look.

According to leaks presented to Android Police, the S8 Active will come with Android 7.0 Nougat (Samsung is notorious for letting Android OS versions be an after thought). The roughly 5.8” size that came along with the regular Galaxy S8, and other specs that are similar to the regular Galaxy S8.

The ATT Samsung Galaxy S8 will have the model number SM-G892A. The S8 Active will likely March the specs of the regular S8, with 4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 835, 64 GB of storage with MicroSDHC expansion, a 12MP rear cam, and an 8GB front facing cam along for the ride.

The Active is a pretty typical, pretty expected device. Anyone looking to get the Active? Or are you just going to rock with a rugged case and call it a day?

The leaker at least tried with the watermarking. Got to give him props to draw on the picture like that.

Keep it locked at The Tech Homie for more information.

Source; Android Police

TH-Deals: Buy 2 Echo’s, Save 100 dollars

The Amazon Echo is currently on a “Buy 2 and Save” sale. If you buy 2 Amazon Echo’s, you save 100 dollars. I find a lot of people love using the Echo to play music in their Home, connect the device to other Smart Home features, and play Jeopardy Trivia, (oh yes it definitely exists).  Is it enough of a sale for you to double up on Echo’s for the home?

While I love my Echo that I have, I’m not entirely sure that I would spend 260 dollars on a pair of Echo Devices.  However, It might not be such a bad idea if you are in need of two for different rooms in your home.

Along with the Echo, the Echo Show is also on a “Buy 2 and Save” sale, where you can save 100 dollars when you buy 2 Echo Show’s.  The Echo Show is Amazon’s latest smart home offering where you can make video calls with virtually everyone, along with all of the other features known from the Alexa service.
If you want to get one for a parents birthday, or a close friend, this may be a better sale idea than the Echo. Who knows.

Ineterested in either of these sales?  Check them out below: Click the Picture to see the deal.


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Google Play Protect rolling out with Play Services 11

Google has taken steps to protect users from malicious apps in the Google Play store with its Verify apps feature used in Android Phones.  Verify Apps monitored apps for malicious behavior in the background, giving Android users a little more security with the apps that exist on their phone.

Verify Apps started out primarily as an optional service, but as the feature evolved, it became a feature that users had to opt out of instead of opt in. It has evolved to become Google Play Protect, a more front-end program used to weed out malicious apps and malware that can be packaged in to seemingly harmless apps.

The app looks fairly clear-cut and comprehensive, showing which apps have been scanned recently, and it gives you the ability to turn off device scanning for security threats, and improvement of harmful app detection.

Play Protect was first announced at Google I/O in May.  The service will now be a more forward facing service that will give customers the ability to see that their devices are protected, or what needs to be done for their devices to be good to go.

Google Play Protect will be rolling out with Play Services 11.  The service began to roll out to customers earlier in the week, and it should reach most Android users soon.

By the way, what does this mean for you?

Google continues to make strides in protecting users from malicious apps, and harmful behavior caused by apps on a daily basis.  For folks who may not know as much about phones, about smartphone apps, and about Android altogether, it is a fantastic thing for a company to make advances in protecting their customers in different ways.  Google Protect can give users an extra layer of security, which is useful for those who may not seek out security apps and other system processes that can protect the user.

Check out Android Police for more information on Google Play Protect.

TH Thoughts – Do you like your phone?

Saturday is always the best day for random thoughts about technology, right?   Here at the Tech Homie, we like to make sure that peoples lives are made easier through understanding technology.  In order to do so, we need to see where you guys stand as far as your feelings towards technology.

Your smartphone is an incredibly important part of your life.  You use calendars, you connect with your friends and family, and capture memories of important times in your life.  Smartphones are also very expensive, so of course that plays an part in the lifetime importance thing.

But your smartphone can only serve as an important part of your life if it works to your liking.  So the question stands;

Do you like your phone?

What do you think about your smartphone?  How do you feel about the phone you’ve spent so much money on?  Is it an important part of your life?  Or is it nothing more than a phone?  Do you utilize the notes, the calendar, and other utilities?  Or do you mainly just use the phone, and that’s it?

What do you like about your phone?  What do you hate about your phone?  What do you wish you could change about your device?

Let me know what you think in the comments, so we can have a conversation!

TH Quick Tips – iPhone Raise to Wake

The Tech Homie Quick tips series helps you find the little quirks, shortcuts, and avenues to mastering your smartphone.  You can find different tips and tricks for your phone, tablet, computer, or other personal electronic device that you may have.  Looking for more? Check back here every Thursday for another quick tip to make your life a little easier!

I was told by a member of the Tech Homie Squad. That the only way that they can see the clock on their iPhone is by either pressing the power button, or home button on their iPhone. While this is one way to check your clock, I’ve got another way to make it a little easier for you.

You can use the “Raise to Wake” feature on your iPhone to skip having to press any buttons to check the time, or anything else for that matter. All you have to do is just pick up your phone to wake up the screen. Here’s how to do it:

1: Press the settings icon on your iPhone. (looks like a gear)
2: Look for “Display and Brightness”.
3: Press the switch by “Raise to Wake” to turn the feature on.
4: Enjoy using your fingers just a little less than you had to before!

Here’s a video for a little guidance:


For more tips and tricks to make your tech life easier, stay tuned to the Quick Tips section on thetechhomie.com.   If you missed the previous quick tips installment, check it out over here.

Tech Homie Quick Tips – Vibrate while Ring / Vibrate on Silent for Apple phones


A good part of learning about your phone deals with mastering quick tips.

You can’t become a power user without getting the tips and tricks down!

Here’s a way to toggle your Vibrate function in iOS to either help you with getting notifications without being noisy, or without random vibrations getting on your nerves:

First, the video!​​

Here’s some quick steps on how to toggle your Vibrate function:

1. Click ‘settings’

2. Click ‘sounds’

3. Toggle your Vibrate functions in this section.

Alright! This is all you need to do to toggle your functions!

Feel free to have a look at the video, or comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

Tech Homie Quick Tips – Android Launchers

DSC04358 (4)


Have an Android phone but bored by the way it looks on a daily basis?  Many popular manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Huawei, and others have conceptualized their vision of a perfect looking smartphone.  However perfect the companies may feel their devices respond to customers, sometimes, they might be looking for something a bit more.

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Tech Homie Deals – Boost Mobile Summer Deals

There are phone options available for every budget!

We all know about phones that launch like the Galaxy S8, the iPhone 7/7 Plus, and the LG G6 that take over the airwaves these days, but not everyone wants to buy a device that costs over 600 dollars,  shoot not everyone wants to buy a device that costs over 200 dollars.

But not much is said typically about prepaid devices that exist in the market these days.  Carriers such as Cricket, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile exist for those people who want to save a little money, while using their cellphone service.

These days, MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) can be stable enough to satisfy a vast majority of the people who need cellphones in their daily lives.  Smartphones that are available on MVNOs are as capable as their flagship counterparts.  This is not something that existed a few years ago.

As I kick around the mitten here these days (that’s Michigan for those who do not know), I’ve noticed Boost Mobile stores pop up on just about every corner.  MVNOs (or Prepaid carriers for short) like Boost Mobile are a pretty easy way to get a decent phone and save hundreds of dollars while you’re at it.  Because we care about every one who needs a phone these days, here’s a list of some Boost mobile phones that are available on the carrier.  Click the header link to get pricing on each device.

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