More LG G6 Mini Specs revealed

We recently found some information on a new LG G6 model (check out the review of the LG G6 here) from established tech insider Evan Blass, known as @evleaks on Twitter.  There was also information from TechnoBuffalo regarding the possible existence of a G6 mini. 

The LG G6 mini may possibly go by a new name, called the Q6.  To keep track we so far have the G series, and V series of devices, now we can possibly have the Q series as well.

If you remember, the aspect ratio of the LG G6 was 18:9, which made the device relatively tall.  Rumors have given us the following information regarding the LG G6 (or Q6).  For starters, the Q6, or the LG G6 mini won’t exactly be ‘mini’ when compared to other devices.

 The LG G6 mini is rumored to have a 5.4 inch display and an 18:9 aspect ratio, leaving the screen to body ratio just under 80 percent.  Now one would say that a 5.4 inch phone is not mini by any means; however the LG G6 regular size is a larger 5.7” display.
Hardware specifications will be also have a small downgrade compared to the G6.   The Q6 will have 3GB of RAM and a single 13MP lens instead of the dual 13MP lens configuration with the LG G6. 

Unfortunately those are all of the rumors that could be found.  It would be nice to see a slightly smaller version of the G6, which will ultimately open up a new avenue of customer interest; that is, the G6 mini would appeal to those who would rather have a smaller device than the 5.7” LG G6.


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