These LED eyelashes are a thing I guess?


The Future is a funny, funny thing.  I don’t know what the point of these are, or why you need these, or how important these are for society, but this is 2017, where memes, podcasting, snapchat spectacles, and LED everything has taken over.  With LED strips being used in computers, and as mood lighting for many bedrooms across the country, it only makes sense for LEDs to enter the world of fashion accessories.

LED lashes, or f.lashes are tiny strips of LEDs that stick to your eyelids with adhesive.  Those who have worn fake eyelashes should know how this works of course. The f.lashes were designed by Tien Pham, and have more than doubled their $40,000 kickstarter goal.

The f.lashes Kickstarter mentions that the lashes can respond to movements like jumping around, dancing, or taking a selfie.  It comes along with a controller and a weird looking connector cable that connects to the lashes, the f.lashes kind of look kind of uncomfortable.

Check out the video at the Kickstarter website for the f.lashes.  There are multiple flash styles for the f.lashes including the the ‘Liquid Pour’, the ‘Endless Wink’, and the ‘Twilight Sparkle’.  The f.lashes look like they aren’t exactly ready for the mainstream, with the clunky controller and the uncomfortable looking cables, however I can see the interested in those who want to look fierce in the club, or at a party, or other fancy glow in the dark festivals.

The Kickstarter will last for another 18 days, so we can only imagine how successful this Kickstarter will be.

pic credit: f.lashes Kickstarter


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