iOS 11 Public Beta Quick Rundown!

Today’s blog is about the new iOS public beta going live (so you know, it went live earlier this week).  Also, quick thoughts on iOS 11 so far.

The first iOS 11 Public Beta launched earlier this week, to much fanfare and general excitement for the upcoming iPhone 8 (or X, or Anniversary edition).   I decided that it may be nice to take a look at the newest OS version, and see about some of the changes that were mentioned in multiple blogs and articles surrounding iOS 11.  

 I updated to iOS 11 through the Apple Beta Software Program.  The Beta Software Program gives folks who may not want to pay for the 99 dollar fee for the developer program a chance to take a look at the latest software before the rest of the world. Downloading beta versions of software can always be fun, however, always proceed with caution when downloading a beta of anything, because you can (and probably will) deal with bugs, app crashes, and other issues that are a part of the territory.

 If you are interested in joining the Apple Beta Software Program, back your iPhone (or iPad) up, and then click here to get started.  Need help on how to back your iPhone up?  Stay tuned!

Apple has made some interesting changes to its newest version of iOS.  It looks like the main goal of this version is to make using your phone as simple as possible when you take the changes into account.   Users have the ability to interact directly from the lock screeen to a greater degree than previous iOS versions.  

There are some new updates to do not disturb mode as well.   With iOS 11, a new do not disturb while driving function has been added, where users have the ability to turn it on so phone calls won’t go through while you are driving. While there are apps that do the same thing, it’s nice to see it built into the operating system. 

The Notification Center, which was something that has been fairly disappointing in the past, has been updated to add more interactive features to the settings toggle options that are available (mainly for 3D Touch enabled iPhones).  The music/media center has condensed back down from its own notification section (it definitely seemed weird when it had its own page in iOS 10).  The Notification Center has actually become usable in my opinion. 

Along with iOS 11 comes a new application called “Files” where users are able to manage the files that are on their device, to help with better file management.  Users can also make annotations, and edit files, and pictures to their liking with the application as well.   I will be taking a closer look at the Files app soon.

iOS 11 has been updated aesthetically, giving the font, the icons, and other designs more of a modern look  than in iOS 10.  The look reminds me of how Apple Music looks, with the same font across the entire devices.  There were also some app design changes as well, with the iTunes icon becoming a star instead of the headphones we all recognized in systems past. 
There are tons of changes in iOS 11, almost too many to mention in this post, but of course as the days continue on, I will be taking an even deeper dive into iOS 11.  You’ll be able to see what else I discover on  Have any questions? Comment below, or reach out to me on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). 


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