Intel’s Credit Card sized Compute Card ready to ship in August


More information has arrived about the models that Intel has made ready for launch this coming August.  The Compute Card was first unveiled at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) earlier this year,  and now we have a date for when it is coming to market.   The card was officially launched with a host of partners that will use the card in everything from Monitors, to interactive refrigerators, to laptops, and everywhere in between.   The Partners include LG Display, Dell, HP, and Lenovo, although the last three Partners did not have products ready for display at the time of launch.  Ultimately, it is kind of legit to see the possibilities that can come about with the Compute Card.

The Compute Card is the size of a credit card, but in that extra tiny package comes a full functioning computer.  When I say computer, I mean the full gambit of computer goodness;  memory, connectivity, and a SoC.   Imagine having all of that power in the palm of your hand (so I mean smaller than the palm of your hand in theory here).

Here are the products that will be available at launch time (via Intel):


In the never-ending push to innovate and make technology a greater part of our lives. Intel is taking a huge leap into the world of IoT (internet of things) , Automated Driving, and other forms of technology as its continued push to new computing ideas takes the company into the future.   It will be a matter of time before we see computers that are as small as a dime impact our lives.

Along with the Compute Card, Intel has also launched its Compute Card Design Kit, to help the speed up and simplify the product development process.  Expect to the see the Compute Card make a huge impact on IoT, All in One computers, and other devices in the near future.  The Compute Card Pricing was not made available, but expect to hear more as we get closer to August.

View more info on the Compute Card here,  and the Press Release here.


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