How to make Podcast listening less confusing. Keep it simple kids!

Saturday is a great day to relax, and take in some information that you may not normally take during the week.  Listening to podcasts are great ways to get news information without dealing with tons of TV commercials, and without the general annoyance of trying to tune into your favorite radio station.  Most radio stations these days even have a podcast channel to make listening to content even easier for you to do.  However, finding ways to listen to podcasts can be tricky.  I’m here to let you know that it shouldn’t be.  I’m here to let you know that it should be easy!

So what’s a Podcast you ask?  Lets start with the definition.   Here’s a wikipedia definition:

A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can subscribe to so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the users own local computer, mobile application, or portable media player.

The term ‘podcast’ comes from the days of the iPod, when people wanted to listen to radio shows and similar series on their iPods.

Podcasts are very popular these days.  There is a podcast that exist for every topic imaginable, including Business, Technology, Productivity, and News. Podcasts are more popular today, because you have the ability to choose any type of program that moves you.  So more people can listen to more podcasts.  However, using podcast players can sometimes be a tricky experience.

There are a crazy amount of podcast players out there.  There are probably as many podcast players as there are podcasts.   There are also websites, and other type of apps that will also play podcasts as well.

The amount of podcast players can get very confusing.   You can end up spending a pretty penny trying to decide on what player works best for you, and still not end up with a player that you like using.  Podcast players should not be that difficult.  So you can get yourself lost down the rabbit hole of podcast app particularities, or you can keep it simple.

Currently I use an podcast app called PocketCasts.  PocketCasts was created by the mind of ShiftyJelly.   PocketCasts is available for iOS, Android, and Windows as well.  The app is visually stunning, and fairly easy to use on a daily basis.  You can listen to thousands of options that are available under multiple podcast networks including 5by5, and RelayFM.

The PocketCasts app gives you the option to discover new podcasts from popularity rankings, podcast companies, an even from other people around you.  You can make playlists, and you can pick whether you want to download or stream your podcasts.

Like other applications, you can do advanced things of course, but PocketCasts also gives you the ability to keep things simple.  The app keeps it simple so you can do what’s important, play your apps.

If you’re looking for ways to check out the latest podcasts that have gone live, then don’t hesitate to check out PocketCasts.  The app is $3.99 on iOS and Android, and $9 dollars on the web.


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