Google set to have its Pixel 2 Event October 4th


We are almost done with the crazy phone launch season, with the Note 8, the V30, and the iPhone X all being announced in the past couple of weeks. For those who are interested, Homie’s Guide to phones for Fall, 2017 will be updated soon with new information.

We all know that google has a new Pixel up their sleeves that’s just itching to be let out into the universe. Come October 4th, we will finally be able to see which rumors are true, and which rumors were false. Google will be holding an event on that day to announce the next generation Pixel.


Confirmed by a Google-made landing page and new advertising campaign that speaks to anyone who might be thinking about changing phones, the event will let us know exactly what Google has up its sleeve when it comes to the Pixel family, and possibly some other Google made products as well.

The event will likely place an emphasis on the software side of the device, with a revamped Google Assistant at the forefront.

If we remember the rumors, the Pixel 2 will have an XL sibling with a 6 inch edge to edge display. Rumors also have LG as the manufacturer of the Pixel XL 2. The Pixel 2 has been rumored to be similar to the current Pixel in style and shape. Feel free to check out other rumors, including specifications about the device over here.

I for one am excited to see what improvements have been made with the Pixel 2, specifically with Google Assistant.


Are you all interested in upcoming Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2? What features are you most interested in when it comes to the upcoming Pixel devices? Let me know! You know where to find me.


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