Google Play Protect rolling out with Play Services 11

Google has taken steps to protect users from malicious apps in the Google Play store with its Verify apps feature used in Android Phones.  Verify Apps monitored apps for malicious behavior in the background, giving Android users a little more security with the apps that exist on their phone.

Verify Apps started out primarily as an optional service, but as the feature evolved, it became a feature that users had to opt out of instead of opt in. It has evolved to become Google Play Protect, a more front-end program used to weed out malicious apps and malware that can be packaged in to seemingly harmless apps.

The app looks fairly clear-cut and comprehensive, showing which apps have been scanned recently, and it gives you the ability to turn off device scanning for security threats, and improvement of harmful app detection.

Play Protect was first announced at Google I/O in May.  The service will now be a more forward facing service that will give customers the ability to see that their devices are protected, or what needs to be done for their devices to be good to go.

Google Play Protect will be rolling out with Play Services 11.  The service began to roll out to customers earlier in the week, and it should reach most Android users soon.

By the way, what does this mean for you?

Google continues to make strides in protecting users from malicious apps, and harmful behavior caused by apps on a daily basis.  For folks who may not know as much about phones, about smartphone apps, and about Android altogether, it is a fantastic thing for a company to make advances in protecting their customers in different ways.  Google Protect can give users an extra layer of security, which is useful for those who may not seek out security apps and other system processes that can protect the user.

Check out Android Police for more information on Google Play Protect.


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