Foldable Lenovo Tablet footage -innovation is still alive.

Lenovo has toyed with the idea of bendable displays, and other innovative devices for the average consumer.  The Lenovo Folio is the latest entry into the world of innovative design.  The Folio starts as a 7.8″ Tablet with a hinge in the middle that enables the device to fold into a 5.5″ phone with an edge display.

The Folio was announced at Lenovo Tech World last week, where the Chinese Giant showcased their latest efforts in mobile technology, and AI, with quite a few focus points that help us see the future through Lenovo’s eyes.

As far as the Folio is concerned, Lenovo showed off the capablities of the device. Mostly how the Folio works as a fully functional tablet as well as a phone with an edge display. Bendable displays are not new, but seeing functional displays that can bend certainly is.

Good start, but from the video it looks like when the tablet folds into a phone only the one screen becomes available.  I do recall there are phones that are available with a dual screen front and back format like the Yotaphone, however that phone had an E-ink display on the back.  So perhaps the device is more functional with the phone not being dual screened.

Looking the video above, it seems like there is a possibility that the tablet can have a powered dual screen concept once the Folio folds into a phone.

The current Folio runs on Snapdragon 800, with Android Nougat 7.0 on deck.  Considering this is a prototype, its fair to say that the specifications wouldn’t be completely different if this thing comes to light in the future. The specifications are not up to par with 2017 standards, but a bendable phone would definitely be enticing for consumers desperately looking for a phone that works, and a innovative phone for 2017.

Samsung had been rumored to be working on a foldable tablet concept called the Galaxy X.  Safe to say that foldable tablets will come to market soon.  Its possible that this could be the next wave of innovation.  Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, did you check out the crazy bendable laptop concept on Mashable?

Innovation may not be dead after all. Check out more info from Mashable

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