Tech Homie Quick Tip: Finding your Smartphone OS Version


Here’s a quick tip for when the resident wireless phone technician tries to confuse you while trying to troubleshoot your phone.  Odds are one of the first things you will be asked is what version of iOS or Android happens to be currently running on your device


So first it is good to know that your mileage may vary here, due to the sheer amount of different OEMs that happen to manufacture Android Devices.  Screenshot_2017-03-31-19-22-25

From LG, to Huawei, to Samsung, each Android OEM will put their own spin on Android to set them apart from the rest.

Navigating around the settings of the device won’t necessarily change as much, since the device still runs on Android.

In order to reach the Android Version Number, you want to go to the settings icon (which looks like a small gear), look for about device, then look for “Software Information”.  You will be able to find the Android version, security patch level, and Build number of the device in the section.


This is pretty streamline no matter which version iPhone, iPad or iPod TFile_000ouch you may have.    Each version has gradually changed aesthetically, adding and removing features along the way, but the same underlying operating system exists under the hood.

Some people find this to be a benefit to the iOS ecosystem due to the strong similarities as new devices continue to launch.  Either way, sometimes it can still be tricky to figure out which version currently resides on your i-Device.

To get to the version on iOS you want to go to the Settings icon, then from settings you want to navigate down to general, then press About.  You will be able to notice what version you are running about halfway down the screen from there.  Take a look at the about screen for the iPhone 6 below:

Hopefully this little quick tip will save you a small amount of headache when answering your typical troubleshooting questions over the phone, or at your local electronics store in the future!

Take it easy folks!


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