Dear Folks;  if you want to keep your 3 year old phone, keep your phone!

Sometimes, I have very important things on my mind.  When something hits my spirit, then I have to make a point to tell you about it.  There used to be a world where people used to fix their electronics, and hold on to their electronics for as long as they could.  Nowadays, the tinkerer culture that would fix their electronics first, has been replaced by the culture that always looks for the newest devices.  Whether its the newest phones, the newest computers, or the newest TV’s, it ends up becoming a status symbol to have an iPhone 7, or a Galaxy S8.

I’m here to tell you that if you need to keep your phone for longer than a year, or 3 years even, then keep that phone.  Also, if you have a phone that’s more than 3 years old,  be proud of that accomplishment!

So of course your first thought after reading the title is probably this;  “But Homie!  It’s your job to talk about new phones!”

Yes, you are correct, it is my job to talk about new things.  But hear me out for a moment.

I am a fairly busy person.  As I type this right now, I should be getting ready for a wedding.  I banged out a couple of emails to some of the Tech Homie squad, looked at my exceedingly high amount of emails (that weren’t all that important), and set up some more things for Tech Homie on Facebook.

I came across a picture that I took with my iPhone 6.   That is 2 and a half years old. That was a hand-me-down so my mom could get a 64gb 6s.   So in the land of phones and tech reviewers, this phone is ancient.

“But Homie!  Why is your phone so old! What about that G6 that you’ve been talking about for so long?”

The G6 is an awesome phone, the camera is stunning, the build is stunning, but there’s some things about the G6 that don’t hold a candle to my tried and true iPhone 6.

If I need to get something done, 99.99% of the time I will always reach for the iPhone 6.  If I want to watch YouTube? Then I will maybe, MAYBE go for the G6.

Sure, selfies on the iPhone 6 are not great, well, most pictures on the iPhone 6 aren’t great.  I very rarely use the camera on my iPhone 6 either, so it doesn’t really matter.

My iPhone 6 is 16GB of storage.   Apple let the 16GB model go with the launch of the iPhone 7.  But with my current homescreen configuration, I have roughly 2GB of storage left, and I’m fairly comfortable with juggling apps as I see fit.

My phone is old, I just put a dbrand skin on my phone to cover up the areas where the gold color has rubbed off to show the aluminum underneath.

The phone gets hot, I occasionally run out of space because I misjudged my app juggling skills, and sometimes the battery will randomly drain out of the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, I question the phones ability to last.

But, I love my phone.  My iPhone is old, my iPhone has gone through more than it’s fair share of random reboots, freezes, and other unfortunate mishaps.  But it has not sang it’s last song, it has not used its last life. I am going to keep this phone until it lasts.  I may even try and prolong its inevitable death.

A phone is an extremely expensive device, the price of the iPhone 6 at launch (off contract) was about 650 dollars, if I remember correctly.  Ideally, if I spent 650 dollars on a particular device, you better believe I’m going to milk that device for the long haul.  Perhaps I am alone in this sentiment,  but I’m one to kind of hang on to things sometimes.   I know there are others out ther

Phone Carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc…) will have no problem with letting you continuously switch your phones, because why wouldn’t they? The more times you switch, the more money for the carrier.

More so because it doesn’t make sense to spend 700 dollars every two years to get a new phone if I don’t have to.  I personally believe the same thing for everyone, especially for you.

A part of what I like to call “the essence of Tech Homie” is to make sure that people’s lives are made better by technology.  If that means I need to continuously revive a cellphone or a computer, then that is exactly what I will do.

We need to bring back a world of trying to fix things to make them last longer. We need to bring the tinkerer culture of the 80s and 90s back, where people tweaked electronics to amazing lengths and built amazing things.  Phones can definitely last for the long haul if you take care of them.

We  don’t need to just concede to the ideal that phones should only last until the next iteration launches.  Just because the S8 has launched, it doesn’t mean your perfectly fine S7 or S7 edge needs to die.  Just because iPhone 7 launched, doesn’t mean your iPhone 5s, or iPhone 6, needs to be put down either.

If you are still rocking your iPhone 5s because 4 inches is the perfect size for a phone? Pat yourself on the back.   If that Galaxy s5 is still working it out without a huge amount of trouble, rock with that s5 for a little while longer. Shoot, if you are still rocking the BlackBerry Bold 9000, you deserve a medal because that bad boy is a relic.  Rock your electronics out until you can’t rock them out anymore.

The world, and maybe nostalgia, and your pockets may thank you for it.  We need a little more history to hold on to these days, don’t we?


Talk to your Homie