Comcast launches Xfinity Mobile wireless service

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Comcast has launched a new wireless business for customers looking to break from the four major carriers. Previously announced in April, the internet provider’s mobile division  has now gone live.

Comcast’s Wireless Business will now be called Xfinity Mobile.  Now Comcast hast been notorious for customer service with respect to their cable and internet services; and we have all seen the destruction that Comcast Customer Service can dish out, but perhaps their wireless service will fare better in customer service department.

Xfinity Mobile will look to compete with other MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) in the space including Metro PCS, Boost Mobile, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, and others.

Xfinity Mobile uses the Verizon Network for data and calls, at pretty intriguing prices. Xfinity Mobile offers unlimited data to customers for as low as 45 dollars for customers who have the higher end Xfinity X1 packages.  But wait! Everyone can have unlimited for 45 dollars a month until July 31st, 2017 as a special launch sale.  Of course the Xfinity Moblie launch special is only offered to current Comcast Internet customers.

If unlimited data seems to hefty for you, you also have the ability to get data by the gig.  The Xfinity Mobile ‘Data by the Gig’ option is $12 per GB, and will be used by customers who can’t see themselves using that much data (specifically customers that use up to 3GB montly).

As far as Phones are concerned, here are the options that are available as of now:

  • iPhone 7 (starting at $30.50/month)
  • iPhone 7 Plus (starting at $32.08/month)
  • iPhone 7 Product RED (starting at $31.25/month)
  • iPhone 7 Plus Product RED (starting at $36.25/month)
  • iPhone SE (starting at $16.67/month)
  • Galaxy S8 (starting at $30.50/month)
  • Galaxy S8+(starting at $35/month)
  • Galaxy S7 edge (starting at $28.33/month)
  • Galaxy S7 (starting at $23.75/month)
  • LG X Power (starting at $6.50/month)

So naturally iPhones, and Samsung phones are going to be available, while the X Power will cover the budget friendly crowd.    From the pricing structure listed above it seems that Xfinity Mobile will adopt installment pricing, just like the major carriers.

Other important things to note with Xfinity Mobile; Each plan comes with unlimited talk and text,  there are no line access fees on up to 5 lines of service, and Xfinity Mobile users will have access to the 16M Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots available nationwide.  With Xfinity Mobile you also have the ability to migrate between each wireless plan option without any hassle. A

Not so sure what to think about Xfinity Mobile, considering the company that is behind this new business, but a little bit of healthy competition can definitely motivate some positive change in the wireless phone industry.

The Xfinity Mobile website have now gone live for Comcast internet customers who may be interested in the service.  Customers will be able to reach Comcast for more information via this website.


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