Samsung’s next fitness device, Gear Sport, pops up in FCC filing

I’m not 100 percent sold on Gear devices of any kind. I had a short stint with the Gear S2 which resulted in my giving the watch to my friend. Text messages are cool to read on your watch but that could have been the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

So it’s natural for me to be a little skeptical about an upcoming Samsung Gear wearable. It’s even more natural for me to be skeptical about a sport centric Gear wearable. But needless to say, another Gear device is not exciting to me as I would like it to be.
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Moto X4 Smartphone info Revealed

Article from Digital Trends (Click this link)
I have some questions about this.

1.  The phone looks like a flat hotdog bun. I miss the days of the Moto X 2014 where that bad boy was looking like it was ready to work the boardroom with some mobile class.

2.  I’m sad that the Moto Z is the flagship side of the line.  The Moto X did really well as the flagship. Modular is nice and all, this is a ploy to take hard earned money on some real expensive extras.

3.  Below is a leak from Android Authority showing the look of the device.  I wonder when we will see a Bezel-less Moto phone?  People haven’t barked about the bezels on this, so maybe we won’t see it for a while.

4. It’s always good to see a phone like the Moto X return. However I don’t know if this is the return that I want to see.   This is a mid-range phone that could have just been the G5 and call it a day.  Or the G5S. Now my head hurts. 

5.  There’s a Moto C too?  So now we have the Z2, X4, G5, G5S, some E ones, and a C?  Too many things.

The Moto X4 interesting to you?  Tell me why in the comments.

The iPhone 8 might not come in Rose Gold…

In news that may made me sad for the few seconds that I read this source; the iPhone 8 may let go of the Rose Gold iPhone option. The same Rose Gold option that’s become a staple for hardware since the iPhone 6s days. Since the unveiling of the iPhone 6s rose gold option, multiple devices across multiple manufacturers have made Rose Gold-esque options with phones, tablets, smartwatches, and even Laptops. It’s safe to say that the Rose Gold option became extremely popular as the years have gone by.

If rumors from securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo are true, it looks like Apple will be pronouncing the Rose Gold color option dead. According to Kuo, the company will only launch the iPhone 8 in Black, Silver, and Gold.


It does seem to fall in line with other leaks that came up recently with only 3 iPhone 8 color options being shown in the photo below. The Photo below only shows a gold, silver, and black option.

According to MacRumors, all 2017 versions of the iPhone will launch in only 3 colors. The Rose Gold option wasn’t necessarily a bad option, but there may be a solid explanation for getting rid of the Rose Gold option.

The iPhone 8 is also reported to support fast charging capability. Customers may need to purchase an adapter to utilize the fast charging capability. Kuo also predicts that all 2017 iPhone models will be announced next month. Availability, however, may be constrained until 1Q 2018 due to manufacturing delays.

The Rose Gold option could possibly launch at a later date in 2018. Apple did the same thing with the Project(RED) model of the iPhone 7/7plus. However, it may not be a huge deal that the Rose Gold option is gone. Only time will tell.

Hopefully all will go well with the upcoming iPhone 2017 updates!

Photo Cred: Macrumors

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active officially unveiled!


To the surprise of exactly no one, the Galaxy S8 Active has been officially unveiled for the public. The Active is now available for pre-order from AT&T. It is listed as an AT&T exclusive for now, however the device tends to only be available for AT&T normally. This is the 4th rendition of the ruggedized device meant for those who may need a little bit of extra protection to go along with flagship specs. The S8 Active, as usual, will come with pretty similar specs to the regular Galaxy S8, with the addition of MIL-SPEC rating to protect it from water, shatter, shocks, and dust.

The S8 Active comes in two color options, Meteor Gray, and Titanium Gold. The device is surrounded by a metal frame with bumpers, and a rugged, textured back to give the phone a solid grip. The S8 Active will also have a shatterproof display, which will handle drops from up to 5 feet.

The S8 Active also has bixby capability, along with a compass, stopwatch, barometer, and flashlight to help you navigate the outdoor lives of those who will likely use the device. The S8 Active will also have a 4000 mAh battery. The S8 Active will also have a 12MP rear camera, and an 8MP front facing camera. The screen size is comparable to the S8, with a 5.8″ 18.5:9 aspect ratio, however the infinity edge will not come along for the S8 Active ride. Considering how the device is meant for active lives, its not all that surprising.

The S8 Active will be on sale through AT&T Next at $28.34 for 30 months, which adds up to roughly $850 dollars.

Its always nice to see Samsung continue the trend for the Active lifestyle folks with their Active series devices. Check out more information about the S8 Active at Gadgets 360

Looking to purchase the Galaxy S8 Active?  Head over to ATT to pre-order the device.

A little bit of retro for your weekend. . .


The Azio Vintage Keyboard. Retro chic, modern technology. The keyboard is currently in an Indiegogo campaign, and has gone over its goal be 70,000 dollars.  The vintage keyboard comes in three different colors.  Retro Classic Artisan, Retro Classic Onyx, and Retro Classic Posh.  The picture above is the Retro Classic Artisan model.

The model is a typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard with backlit keycaps.  The styling of the keycaps reminds me of playing with an old typewriter in my basement. I remember the feel and the sound of the keys of that typewriter to this day.


The top plate is made from genuine leather, and framed with a zinc aluminum alloy that will allow the keyboard to weather over time.   This allows for the vintage look that the keyboard will gain over time.  The keyboard will be available in traditional Windows format, styled to your country (US, UK, Nordic, German, Portugese), or the Windows Bluetooth format, with switchable Mac/Windows layout.

Have a room where you want to retro the layout?  A library, an office, or a reading room, with a computer set up?  This keyboard would be perfect for your room.  Along with some jazz music, of course.   Perhaps a turntable, or a Phonograph?


The keyboard is currently priced at $95 for the regular USB version, but of course higher donations give you a few more perks as far as the keyboard is concerned.  As I’ve said before, Azio has blown their indiegogo goal of 10,000 dollars out of the water, currently sitting around 83,000 dollars as we speak.


Clearly, the keyboard is a functional piece that accentuates the style-minded enthusiast at heart.  Sometimes having a little class to add to your set up can give you a step up in your productivity, and your aesthetic game as well.

Interested?  Ready to donate and reserve your model?  Check out the Indiegogo campaign here.  Learn more about Azio over here.  The keyboards that are already available for purchase look pretty interesting.

Ironic that Azio is headquartered in the City of Industry, CA isn’t it?  AZIO stands for A to Z, Input to Output.  From the looks of the website, the company prides itself on functionality and style with the products that they offer.

Looking for more items that may interest you?  Stay tuned to for more information and products that we will feature in the future.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active leaks;

The latest rendition of the ruggedized outdoors version of the Galaxy S series of phones has leaked for the masses. Ever since the Galaxy S4 Active 4 years ago, the Active series of devices have been made available for those who want the latest smartphone specs, yet need a little more
protection for their phones to last the two years of typical usage that happens.

Each phone has the same general idea, military grade specs, a rugged body, and a larger battery to last against the elements. The S8 doesn’t stray too far from the pack here, with a 4000 mAh battery, rugged body, and a general “Active” look.

According to leaks presented to Android Police, the S8 Active will come with Android 7.0 Nougat (Samsung is notorious for letting Android OS versions be an after thought). The roughly 5.8” size that came along with the regular Galaxy S8, and other specs that are similar to the regular Galaxy S8.

The ATT Samsung Galaxy S8 will have the model number SM-G892A. The S8 Active will likely March the specs of the regular S8, with 4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 835, 64 GB of storage with MicroSDHC expansion, a 12MP rear cam, and an 8GB front facing cam along for the ride.

The Active is a pretty typical, pretty expected device. Anyone looking to get the Active? Or are you just going to rock with a rugged case and call it a day?

The leaker at least tried with the watermarking. Got to give him props to draw on the picture like that.

Keep it locked at The Tech Homie for more information.

Source; Android Police

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specs leaked! UPDATE:  a new render appears!

Update: a new render found by popular tech review site Trusted Reviews has appeared!

The render found by Trusted Reviews was posted on twitter by Jonathan Endicott, CEO of Slickwraps, a company that specializes in making phone skins for many popular phones today.  The image is a CAD render, used to design smartphone accessories in time for the phone launch. The caption below the picture states,   “Working Hard on the Note 8”.  

The render does match up to the specifications that have been leaked about the Note 8 pretty much to a T.  While it does resemble leaks around the internet, and another design render as mentioned in the article,  it still may be too early to say whether the renders are real or not.  Who knows? 

This blog talks about current Galaxy Note 8 leaks made public ahead of the August launch.

We have now reached the time where the rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note flagship come full force.  After the Galaxy S8 the Note 8 will be the most important Samsung device to launch in 2017.  The Galaxy Note 8 will be an incredibly important release due to the complete and utter failure that was the Galaxy Note 7.

For those who happened to be living under a rock in 2016, the Note 7 had multiple issues with batteries exploding, and causing fires for the short amount of time the Note 7 was available.    The Galaxy S8 launched with huge success, and still sells in the millions to this date.  With August just a month away, it only makes sense that we are hearing more about the Note 8.


Renders of the Note 8 have been revealed last week, and now we have specs leaked along with those renders.   According to sources found by BGR, the Note 8 will have a  2K resolution 6.3″ Super AMOLED Display with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9, either Samsung EXYNOS 8895 or Snapdragon 835 Processors (depending on where you live) , 6GB of RAM,  a dual 12MP Camera with Optical Image Stabilization, and a 3300 mAh battery.  DeX support, an enhanced S Pen Stylus.

The specs make sense being compared to the S8+ 6.2″ Display.  The Galaxy Note Series always ends up as the largest of the Galaxy series of devices.  The specifications fall in line with other Note series of phones.  The Note 7 also had 6GB of RAM, and the 3300 mAh battery also makes sense considering Samsung’s renewed focus on battery safety.

First, as the picture above the article reveals,  Samsung has decided to leave the fingerprint scanner in the ridiculous position that the Galaxy S8 had the fingerprint scanner.  Doing this on a rather large phone like the S8 was bad enough.  Putting the fingerprint scanner on an even larger phone like the Note 8 is even more of a disaster. These Olixar case photos make me so sad for the Note 8.


Now questionable fingerprint scanner placement aside, the Note 8 should be a very interesting device when it launches in August.  Rumors currently have the launch of the Note 8 in late August, while placing it just before the iPhone 8 (or X, or Anniversary Edition)  it will hopefully give the phone enough time to get any battery kinks out of the way before the phone hits prime time.

top photo credit: BGR

bottom photo credit:  Forbes

More info on the Note 8 over on Tech Homie Social Media:  Facebook , Twitter

Samsung plans to release the ‘Fandom’ Edition Galaxy Note 7

download (3).jpg

Hey!  The Note 7 can be yours again, that is, if you have no sense of concern for flammable products and don’t mind traveling to South Korea to buy it.  If these things don’t bother you then look out for yet another attempt at a Note 7 Launch.

As Samsung continues to deal with the fallout from the ill fated Galaxy Note 7 launch in 2016.    The tide is beginning to turn in Samsung’s favor.  The company had to recall over 3 million devices due to battery exploding issues.

During the Note 7 debacle, the company was sued for the battery issue,  tried issuing short-term fixes, and had a failed relaunch.  Fortunately the company had a successful Galaxy S8 launch earlier this year. While the company did well with the recall overall, there were still a number of folks that still clung tightly to the Note 7 in early January.

To help ease the folks who were left burned by the Note 7 recall (pun intended), the company has been working on a refurbished Note 7 model with updated specifications and more than likely a smaller battery.  The Verge obtained information surrounding the relaunch of the Galaxy Note 7.   The refurbished Note 7 will be known as the Note 7 ‘Fandom Edition’ and will be available in South Korea at first for roughly $610 dollars.   According to a report The Verge found from The Wall Street Journal, the Fandom Edition Note 7 will launch on July 7th.  As stated by The Verge, Samsung will initially launch 400,000 units to three major carriers in South Korea first. But a small number of devices will be launched outside of South Korea afterwards.

Presumably the launch of the ‘Fandom Edition’ of the Note 7 won’t hinder any sales of the Galaxy S8 or the upcoming Samsung Note 8 in late August.

Interested in the Note 7 ‘Fandom Edition’?  Tell me more in the comments!

How to update your Apple Watch to WatchOS 4 Beta

Hey folks here’s a Tech Homie How-To to get you updated to the Watch OS 4 Beta, in order to check out the new features that are coming up for the Apple Watch later this year.  

We are now getting into the new iOS, macOS, and WatchOS upgrade season, so now is a perfect time to check out what Apple has to offer for 2017.  For those who have updated their iPhones to the iOS 11 beta system, its only natural to update your watch as well.  So lets check it out here.

First here comes a huge disclaimer before you begin:

Beta Software is not finalized software.  You will more than likely encounter bugs, hiccups, or other unfortunate things that might render your watch useless.  A quick trip to the Apple Store will not help fix these issues, because this is not a sanctioned public release.  The folks at the Apple Store will more than likely just shake their heads at you.

That being said,  you are updating your watch at your own risk.  If you are not savvy on dealing with Beta versions of software, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS.

Alright, got that out of the way.  Legit.  The in depth instructions for how to update your Watch to Beta 4 are over at igeeksblog.  But here’s a quick breakdown of the steps here:

  1.  Point your Safari Browser over to this link: to get to the developer profile.  Select Watch, then install the profile to the iPhone.
  2. Check for software updates from within the Apple Watch application.  You will then be prompted to download Watch OS Beta 4.
  3. Install the Beta. (Which might take a while)
  4. PROFIT.

Depending on your network strength, this download could possible take FOREVER, so plan on staying patient, and don’t give up before you have updated your watch!  The WatchOS update is just over 500mb so you want to keep that in mind as well, just in case you have stored Music or anything else to your watch prior to updating the watch.

Plan on checking out the new Watch OS update?  I’ll let you know my thoughts when I spend some more time with it.

Feel free to let me know what questions yo have!