Samsung’s next fitness device, Gear Sport, pops up in FCC filing

I’m not 100 percent sold on Gear devices of any kind. I had a short stint with the Gear S2 which resulted in my giving the watch to my friend. Text messages are cool to read on your watch but that could have been the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

So it’s natural for me to be a little skeptical about an upcoming Samsung Gear wearable. It’s even more natural for me to be skeptical about a sport centric Gear wearable. But needless to say, another Gear device is not exciting to me as I would like it to be.
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active officially unveiled!


To the surprise of exactly no one, the Galaxy S8 Active has been officially unveiled for the public. The Active is now available for pre-order from AT&T. It is listed as an AT&T exclusive for now, however the device tends to only be available for AT&T normally. This is the 4th rendition of the ruggedized device meant for those who may need a little bit of extra protection to go along with flagship specs. The S8 Active, as usual, will come with pretty similar specs to the regular Galaxy S8, with the addition of MIL-SPEC rating to protect it from water, shatter, shocks, and dust.

The S8 Active comes in two color options, Meteor Gray, and Titanium Gold. The device is surrounded by a metal frame with bumpers, and a rugged, textured back to give the phone a solid grip. The S8 Active will also have a shatterproof display, which will handle drops from up to 5 feet.

The S8 Active also has bixby capability, along with a compass, stopwatch, barometer, and flashlight to help you navigate the outdoor lives of those who will likely use the device. The S8 Active will also have a 4000 mAh battery. The S8 Active will also have a 12MP rear camera, and an 8MP front facing camera. The screen size is comparable to the S8, with a 5.8″ 18.5:9 aspect ratio, however the infinity edge will not come along for the S8 Active ride. Considering how the device is meant for active lives, its not all that surprising.

The S8 Active will be on sale through AT&T Next at $28.34 for 30 months, which adds up to roughly $850 dollars.

Its always nice to see Samsung continue the trend for the Active lifestyle folks with their Active series devices. Check out more information about the S8 Active at Gadgets 360

Looking to purchase the Galaxy S8 Active?  Head over to ATT to pre-order the device.

TH Apps – The Last Day on Earth; Survival

Happy Sunday Folks, lets review a game to end the weekend;  The Last Day on Earth; Survival



What is it?

The Last Day on Earth is a mobile game developed by Andrey Pryakhn for iOS and Android devices (Kefir! looks like the developer for the Android version). It’s a free to play game that pits you, a survivor trying to build shelter and survive in a zombie apocalypse against zombies, mutations, ‘The Big One’, and other survivors in post apocalyptic world.

How much?

I know right?  Last Day on Earth is free to play, however to get some extras to get you a little farther in the game you of course have to spend a couple dollars here and there.  The developers periodically give you deals for various things such as full body S.W.A.T armor,  weapons that you cant build until you’ve leveled up to at least 60, and (why wouldnt they?) extra coins.  Depending on how you feel about freemium models, you can play this game without spending any money,  although it may be a little harder for you to make it through the game.

How does it play?

The game is not completely intuitive, however the game is still in beta therefore the final version of the game could have a completely different move system.  You control your character by the joystick button at the bottom right of the screen.

When you go out to the world map you can go to different areas, including bunkers, forests, limestone ridges, and other survivor camps.  You have to watch your energy level of course and you cant always move as fast as you want to from place to place.

From time to time I tried pinching in and out on the screen to try and zoom out and zoom in on the map, to no avail.  Hopefully the developer brings in a pinch-to-zoom function to get a better view of the screen.  The map on the upper right side of the screen is quite helpful when trying to dodge zombie attacks, kill deer, and find the crates needed to pick up items to build with.

Aside from the not very intuitive controls and the sometimes buggy gameplay (the sound does not cute up with attacks, and I tend to fly from time to time).  The game actually plays pretty well overall.  Getting past the learning curve isn’t terribly difficult, and once you get past you can find yourself playing the game for hours.


You can only imagine there are multiple types of zombies in this game.  From the easiest zombie, the ‘Roaming Zombie’ to ‘The Big One’ (I saw this and didn’t even attempt to fight this one I just ran away)  the Zombie art is definitely detailed, and pretty intense.  I would say realistic except we are talking about Zombies here so intense works just fine.  There are probably more Zombies in the game, but I only managed to check out the Roaming Zombie, the Fast Biter, the Floater Bloater (sounds like a last of us reference), the Toxic Abomination, and the Big One (I just ran, I wasn’t going to attempt that failure).

So, should I download?

Last Day on Earth; Survival is a zombie survival MMO where you can join friends in conquering zombies and other survivors,  creating army level gear to take control of the post apocalypse world.  You can build ATV’s, choppers, AK-47s, and gun turrets to protect your base, and you can go to enemy survivor bases to steal their gear and weapons.  If this type of game play seems fun to you, go for the download.

If you are interested in the zombie takeover that kicked off with the Walking Dead, why not give it a shot?  If you are bored with the typical Candy Crush/Bejeweled type game play and are looking for something different to pass the time by,  play this.  If neither of these options fall in your wheelhouse, maybe you can skip this one.  Play Geometry Dash, maybe?

Download the game for iOS here,

Download the game for Android devices here,

Check out video on the game here,

A little bit of retro for your weekend. . .


The Azio Vintage Keyboard. Retro chic, modern technology. The keyboard is currently in an Indiegogo campaign, and has gone over its goal be 70,000 dollars.  The vintage keyboard comes in three different colors.  Retro Classic Artisan, Retro Classic Onyx, and Retro Classic Posh.  The picture above is the Retro Classic Artisan model.

The model is a typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard with backlit keycaps.  The styling of the keycaps reminds me of playing with an old typewriter in my basement. I remember the feel and the sound of the keys of that typewriter to this day.


The top plate is made from genuine leather, and framed with a zinc aluminum alloy that will allow the keyboard to weather over time.   This allows for the vintage look that the keyboard will gain over time.  The keyboard will be available in traditional Windows format, styled to your country (US, UK, Nordic, German, Portugese), or the Windows Bluetooth format, with switchable Mac/Windows layout.

Have a room where you want to retro the layout?  A library, an office, or a reading room, with a computer set up?  This keyboard would be perfect for your room.  Along with some jazz music, of course.   Perhaps a turntable, or a Phonograph?


The keyboard is currently priced at $95 for the regular USB version, but of course higher donations give you a few more perks as far as the keyboard is concerned.  As I’ve said before, Azio has blown their indiegogo goal of 10,000 dollars out of the water, currently sitting around 83,000 dollars as we speak.


Clearly, the keyboard is a functional piece that accentuates the style-minded enthusiast at heart.  Sometimes having a little class to add to your set up can give you a step up in your productivity, and your aesthetic game as well.

Interested?  Ready to donate and reserve your model?  Check out the Indiegogo campaign here.  Learn more about Azio over here.  The keyboards that are already available for purchase look pretty interesting.

Ironic that Azio is headquartered in the City of Industry, CA isn’t it?  AZIO stands for A to Z, Input to Output.  From the looks of the website, the company prides itself on functionality and style with the products that they offer.

Looking for more items that may interest you?  Stay tuned to for more information and products that we will feature in the future.

Google Play Protect rolling out with Play Services 11

Google has taken steps to protect users from malicious apps in the Google Play store with its Verify apps feature used in Android Phones.  Verify Apps monitored apps for malicious behavior in the background, giving Android users a little more security with the apps that exist on their phone.

Verify Apps started out primarily as an optional service, but as the feature evolved, it became a feature that users had to opt out of instead of opt in. It has evolved to become Google Play Protect, a more front-end program used to weed out malicious apps and malware that can be packaged in to seemingly harmless apps.

The app looks fairly clear-cut and comprehensive, showing which apps have been scanned recently, and it gives you the ability to turn off device scanning for security threats, and improvement of harmful app detection.

Play Protect was first announced at Google I/O in May.  The service will now be a more forward facing service that will give customers the ability to see that their devices are protected, or what needs to be done for their devices to be good to go.

Google Play Protect will be rolling out with Play Services 11.  The service began to roll out to customers earlier in the week, and it should reach most Android users soon.

By the way, what does this mean for you?

Google continues to make strides in protecting users from malicious apps, and harmful behavior caused by apps on a daily basis.  For folks who may not know as much about phones, about smartphone apps, and about Android altogether, it is a fantastic thing for a company to make advances in protecting their customers in different ways.  Google Protect can give users an extra layer of security, which is useful for those who may not seek out security apps and other system processes that can protect the user.

Check out Android Police for more information on Google Play Protect.

TH Thoughts – Do you like your phone?

Saturday is always the best day for random thoughts about technology, right?   Here at the Tech Homie, we like to make sure that peoples lives are made easier through understanding technology.  In order to do so, we need to see where you guys stand as far as your feelings towards technology.

Your smartphone is an incredibly important part of your life.  You use calendars, you connect with your friends and family, and capture memories of important times in your life.  Smartphones are also very expensive, so of course that plays an part in the lifetime importance thing.

But your smartphone can only serve as an important part of your life if it works to your liking.  So the question stands;

Do you like your phone?

What do you think about your smartphone?  How do you feel about the phone you’ve spent so much money on?  Is it an important part of your life?  Or is it nothing more than a phone?  Do you utilize the notes, the calendar, and other utilities?  Or do you mainly just use the phone, and that’s it?

What do you like about your phone?  What do you hate about your phone?  What do you wish you could change about your device?

Let me know what you think in the comments, so we can have a conversation!

Have you ever destroyed your phone? Tell me how!

My adventures with phones and other forms of mobile technology all started with that ill fated walk I had one day in 2009, which resulted in my phone going down a storm drain and basically disappearing.  Have you guys ever had any issues like mine?  Feel free to tell me in the comments about the worst experience you had breaking your cellphone.  Maybe it may help us all with our embarrassing moments of sadness with respect to our devices.

Feel free to comment below, or post on Twitter or on Facebook about your moments of phone shame, and/or phone disasters that have happened in your life.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Info on the RED Hydrogen Phone, the random expensive device that screams WHY.

No, really, I really want to know what the point of this device really is.

red hydrogen

RED, the camera company known for high end camera products that have extravagant prices, has surprised us all with a new Android phone called the RED Hydrogen (or Hydrogen One). The pre-orders began yesterday.  RED is a company that is known for camera products such as the RED Weapon X, the Camera that costs more than most peoples yearly salary, and other insane 4K and 3D cameras in Hollywood.  The prices of RED camera typically cost 50,000 dollars and higher.  With those prices, we can only imagine that the RED Hydrogen One will have a wildly extravagant price.

So knowing this, its safe to say that the RED Hydrogen will have an equally as ridiculous price tag.  Details are pretty light on the device, however The RED Hydrogen is being touted as ‘The Worlds first Holographic Media Machine”.  The 5.7″ display uses nanotechnology to move “between traditional 2D content, holographic multi-view content, 3D content, and interactive games”.  The press release was extravagant at best.

The press release is relatively aggressive, and the phone is known as the RED Hydrogen One in the press release.  Save for the name and a bunch of unfounded claims regarding the display and other features, not much is known about the device.  From what we do know, the phone will be unlocked, with no carrier bloatware.   Additional accessories will be available at launch for an additional price.  Knowing the price of the actual device, and the company as a whole,  the accessories will be relatively insane.

As stated by the press release, the RED Hydrogen will be modular as well. In the press release, the company promised that the RED Hydrogen One will be compatible with its camera products and an “ever expanding modular component system”.  The device will have a headphone jack, microSD expansion for storage, multi-dimensional audio tech, and the phone will have USB-C plug for charging.

The RED Hydrogen is currently taking pre-orders for the Hydrogen, and it will ship in early 2018.  The RED Hydrogen One will come in two variants, the ‘Titanium’ version will cost $1595, and the ‘Aluminum’ version will cost $1195.

Ironically, did anyone catch the pre-order information that states that “Current pricing is available for a limited time only”?  That can only mean these rather expensive phones may be even more expensive.  I’m just not sure what the actual point of an extremely expensive device really is.  Also, why would they launch pre-orders and not give any actual specifications of the device?  I’m highly intrigued about the device.

These LED eyelashes are a thing I guess?


The Future is a funny, funny thing.  I don’t know what the point of these are, or why you need these, or how important these are for society, but this is 2017, where memes, podcasting, snapchat spectacles, and LED everything has taken over.  With LED strips being used in computers, and as mood lighting for many bedrooms across the country, it only makes sense for LEDs to enter the world of fashion accessories.

LED lashes, or f.lashes are tiny strips of LEDs that stick to your eyelids with adhesive.  Those who have worn fake eyelashes should know how this works of course. The f.lashes were designed by Tien Pham, and have more than doubled their $40,000 kickstarter goal.

The f.lashes Kickstarter mentions that the lashes can respond to movements like jumping around, dancing, or taking a selfie.  It comes along with a controller and a weird looking connector cable that connects to the lashes, the f.lashes kind of look kind of uncomfortable.

Check out the video at the Kickstarter website for the f.lashes.  There are multiple flash styles for the f.lashes including the the ‘Liquid Pour’, the ‘Endless Wink’, and the ‘Twilight Sparkle’.  The f.lashes look like they aren’t exactly ready for the mainstream, with the clunky controller and the uncomfortable looking cables, however I can see the interested in those who want to look fierce in the club, or at a party, or other fancy glow in the dark festivals.

The Kickstarter will last for another 18 days, so we can only imagine how successful this Kickstarter will be.

pic credit: f.lashes Kickstarter

Samsung plans to release the ‘Fandom’ Edition Galaxy Note 7

download (3).jpg

Hey!  The Note 7 can be yours again, that is, if you have no sense of concern for flammable products and don’t mind traveling to South Korea to buy it.  If these things don’t bother you then look out for yet another attempt at a Note 7 Launch.

As Samsung continues to deal with the fallout from the ill fated Galaxy Note 7 launch in 2016.    The tide is beginning to turn in Samsung’s favor.  The company had to recall over 3 million devices due to battery exploding issues.

During the Note 7 debacle, the company was sued for the battery issue,  tried issuing short-term fixes, and had a failed relaunch.  Fortunately the company had a successful Galaxy S8 launch earlier this year. While the company did well with the recall overall, there were still a number of folks that still clung tightly to the Note 7 in early January.

To help ease the folks who were left burned by the Note 7 recall (pun intended), the company has been working on a refurbished Note 7 model with updated specifications and more than likely a smaller battery.  The Verge obtained information surrounding the relaunch of the Galaxy Note 7.   The refurbished Note 7 will be known as the Note 7 ‘Fandom Edition’ and will be available in South Korea at first for roughly $610 dollars.   According to a report The Verge found from The Wall Street Journal, the Fandom Edition Note 7 will launch on July 7th.  As stated by The Verge, Samsung will initially launch 400,000 units to three major carriers in South Korea first. But a small number of devices will be launched outside of South Korea afterwards.

Presumably the launch of the ‘Fandom Edition’ of the Note 7 won’t hinder any sales of the Galaxy S8 or the upcoming Samsung Note 8 in late August.

Interested in the Note 7 ‘Fandom Edition’?  Tell me more in the comments!