Google Stamp revealed as an AMP-based competitor to Snapchat Stories

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Did you know that Google was interested in buying Snap last year? Snap is the parent company of popular Social Media Platform Snapchat, in which users utilize pictures to tell stories to each other and present content to be discovered by those who watch the stories.

Many other platforms including Facebook, and Facebook owned Instagram, have their on Snapchat inspired stories. Based on a report from the Wall Street Journal, Google will soon have a competitor in the game with Stamp, a Snapchat Stories like application where articles can be presented in a slideshow like format. The report states that the search giant has been developing the feature to compete with Snapchat Stories. The feature, titled Stamp, will be AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) based, and visible in Google Searches.

The name Stamp itself is based from the style of the application, with ‘St’ standing for stories, and ‘AMP’ standing for Accelerated Mobile Pages. With Stamp, publications who opt into the program will be able to create stories in visually different and creative ways. As stated by sources familiar to the matter;

Participating publishers would run stories that could be several swipeable slides encompassing text, photos and video, just as on Snapchat, the people familiar with the situation say.

In the world of content media being thrown at us at break neck speeds, creative ways to produce content will always be welcomed in the world, Google would indeed be playing it very smart by developing a new way for the world to consume content.

Google is currently working with major media outlets including Vox Media, CNN, and Time. Stamp may be announced as early as next week.

Check out more information on the matter here at 9to5Google


Facebook Groups App ending Sept 1st


In an effort to focus attention to the main Facebook application. Facebook has decided to sunset the Facebook Groups App September 1st. I don’t think I have ever used the Groups App once in my life, especially when I have just recently become active with Facebook Groups again.

Facebook is using this as a way to improve its Groups functionality in the main application. I decided to look up the Groups app on my devices to see if I could check out the Groups App, and its not available in any app market at the moment.I can only assume that all of the side features of Facebook (mentions, messenger, pages, etc) will all be centralized in the main app soon.

Have you ever used the Facebook Groups App before? Have you ever used any Facebook apps besides Facebook, and Facebook Messenger? Is this all Greek to you? If so, don’t be surprised, the Groups App has all but slipped under the radar until the notification that the app will be no more.

Let me know what you guys think about this? Feel free to chat with me in the comments!