Facebook Groups App ending Sept 1st


In an effort to focus attention to the main Facebook application. Facebook has decided to sunset the Facebook Groups App September 1st. I don’t think I have ever used the Groups App once in my life, especially when I have just recently become active with Facebook Groups again.

Facebook is using this as a way to improve its Groups functionality in the main application. I decided to look up the Groups app on my devices to see if I could check out the Groups App, and its not available in any app market at the moment.I can only assume that all of the side features of Facebook (mentions, messenger, pages, etc) will all be centralized in the main app soon.

Have you ever used the Facebook Groups App before? Have you ever used any Facebook apps besides Facebook, and Facebook Messenger? Is this all Greek to you? If so, don’t be surprised, the Groups App has all but slipped under the radar until the notification that the app will be no more.

Let me know what you guys think about this? Feel free to chat with me in the comments!

TH Apps – The Last Day on Earth; Survival

Happy Sunday Folks, lets review a game to end the weekend;  The Last Day on Earth; Survival



What is it?

The Last Day on Earth is a mobile game developed by Andrey Pryakhn for iOS and Android devices (Kefir! looks like the developer for the Android version). It’s a free to play game that pits you, a survivor trying to build shelter and survive in a zombie apocalypse against zombies, mutations, ‘The Big One’, and other survivors in post apocalyptic world.

How much?

I know right?  Last Day on Earth is free to play, however to get some extras to get you a little farther in the game you of course have to spend a couple dollars here and there.  The developers periodically give you deals for various things such as full body S.W.A.T armor,  weapons that you cant build until you’ve leveled up to at least 60, and (why wouldnt they?) extra coins.  Depending on how you feel about freemium models, you can play this game without spending any money,  although it may be a little harder for you to make it through the game.

How does it play?

The game is not completely intuitive, however the game is still in beta therefore the final version of the game could have a completely different move system.  You control your character by the joystick button at the bottom right of the screen.

When you go out to the world map you can go to different areas, including bunkers, forests, limestone ridges, and other survivor camps.  You have to watch your energy level of course and you cant always move as fast as you want to from place to place.

From time to time I tried pinching in and out on the screen to try and zoom out and zoom in on the map, to no avail.  Hopefully the developer brings in a pinch-to-zoom function to get a better view of the screen.  The map on the upper right side of the screen is quite helpful when trying to dodge zombie attacks, kill deer, and find the crates needed to pick up items to build with.

Aside from the not very intuitive controls and the sometimes buggy gameplay (the sound does not cute up with attacks, and I tend to fly from time to time).  The game actually plays pretty well overall.  Getting past the learning curve isn’t terribly difficult, and once you get past you can find yourself playing the game for hours.


You can only imagine there are multiple types of zombies in this game.  From the easiest zombie, the ‘Roaming Zombie’ to ‘The Big One’ (I saw this and didn’t even attempt to fight this one I just ran away)  the Zombie art is definitely detailed, and pretty intense.  I would say realistic except we are talking about Zombies here so intense works just fine.  There are probably more Zombies in the game, but I only managed to check out the Roaming Zombie, the Fast Biter, the Floater Bloater (sounds like a last of us reference), the Toxic Abomination, and the Big One (I just ran, I wasn’t going to attempt that failure).

So, should I download?

Last Day on Earth; Survival is a zombie survival MMO where you can join friends in conquering zombies and other survivors,  creating army level gear to take control of the post apocalypse world.  You can build ATV’s, choppers, AK-47s, and gun turrets to protect your base, and you can go to enemy survivor bases to steal their gear and weapons.  If this type of game play seems fun to you, go for the download.

If you are interested in the zombie takeover that kicked off with the Walking Dead, why not give it a shot?  If you are bored with the typical Candy Crush/Bejeweled type game play and are looking for something different to pass the time by,  play this.  If neither of these options fall in your wheelhouse, maybe you can skip this one.  Play Geometry Dash, maybe?

Download the game for iOS here,

Download the game for Android devices here,

Check out video on the game here,

How to make Podcast listening less confusing. Keep it simple kids!

Saturday is a great day to relax, and take in some information that you may not normally take during the week.  Listening to podcasts are great ways to get news information without dealing with tons of TV commercials, and without the general annoyance of trying to tune into your favorite radio station.  Most radio stations these days even have a podcast channel to make listening to content even easier for you to do.  However, finding ways to listen to podcasts can be tricky.  I’m here to let you know that it shouldn’t be.  I’m here to let you know that it should be easy!

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The Tech Homie Plays; Nonstop Chuck Norris


Bored on a Saturday? Happens to the best of us.  From time to time I get sucked into the wide world of iOS and Android Games. . . Usually to the demise of any sort of productivity that I had planned for prior to my game play.  Today’s productivity fail leads me to the wide world of Chuck Norris beating up thugs possessed by a cat robot.

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