The iPhone 8 might not come in Rose Gold…

In news that may made me sad for the few seconds that I read this source; the iPhone 8 may let go of the Rose Gold iPhone option. The same Rose Gold option that’s become a staple for hardware since the iPhone 6s days. Since the unveiling of the iPhone 6s rose gold option, multiple devices across multiple manufacturers have made Rose Gold-esque options with phones, tablets, smartwatches, and even Laptops. It’s safe to say that the Rose Gold option became extremely popular as the years have gone by.

If rumors from securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo are true, it looks like Apple will be pronouncing the Rose Gold color option dead. According to Kuo, the company will only launch the iPhone 8 in Black, Silver, and Gold.


It does seem to fall in line with other leaks that came up recently with only 3 iPhone 8 color options being shown in the photo below. The Photo below only shows a gold, silver, and black option.

According to MacRumors, all 2017 versions of the iPhone will launch in only 3 colors. The Rose Gold option wasn’t necessarily a bad option, but there may be a solid explanation for getting rid of the Rose Gold option.

The iPhone 8 is also reported to support fast charging capability. Customers may need to purchase an adapter to utilize the fast charging capability. Kuo also predicts that all 2017 iPhone models will be announced next month. Availability, however, may be constrained until 1Q 2018 due to manufacturing delays.

The Rose Gold option could possibly launch at a later date in 2018. Apple did the same thing with the Project(RED) model of the iPhone 7/7plus. However, it may not be a huge deal that the Rose Gold option is gone. Only time will tell.

Hopefully all will go well with the upcoming iPhone 2017 updates!

Photo Cred: Macrumors

Using your iOS keyboard as a mouse!

Here is an extremely quick tip for iPhone users to up the productivity of their iOS keyboard usage. It’s a neat little trick that may help some folks hang out their long emails or text messages a little faster than they did before.

Did you know that you can use your 3D Touch enabled iPhone keyboard as a mouse? Say if you need to move your cursor back up to the top of a text that you might be typing. It’s simple. If you have your keyboard up, press down hard on the keyboard, and it will switch over to the mouse. Kind of helpful when you need to fix something in the middle of typing out that long message to the homies, I think.

Ive provided a screen capture of what happens when you press down on a 3D Touch enabled device below.

What do you guys think? Will this little tip help you get a little faster at typing? Or will this be forgettable tip? Feel free to let me know!

TH Quick Tips – automatically dial number extensions on the iPhone!

Picture this; you’re running late for work, and you have a conference call you need to dial into when you get to work. You rush into work, and fumble around with your cellphone to dial into the call. After you have dialed in, you quickly put in the extension, passcode, whatever you need to plug in to get into the call. You have to dial in the extension multiple times before you finally get into the call, and you dial in late. I know I’ve dealt with this problem multiple times, I’m sure you guys have as well.

So what would you say if I found a hack that automatically dials the extension, or passcode that you need to dial after you call an important phone number? It’s pretty simple. Here’s what you need to do;

1. Begin by creating a contact like you would normally.

2. Next, put in the phone number that you want to add as a contact.

3. After the phone number,press the “+*#” number, then press the ‘pause’ button. A comma will pop up when you do this.

4. Put in your extension (or passcode, or whatever) directly after the number. (Do you need to wait a little while after you dial the phone number to put in your passcode? then press the “wait” button instead of the pause button. this will space out the amount of time between dialing the number and dialing the extension.)

5. Profit! (to be sure, give it a try, BEFORE you run into a situation like I mentioned above)

Hopefully this particular tip can help you save a little time, and add a little more convenience to your life. Sometimes, finding ways to get things done faster can help us all out in the never ending runaway train that we call life.

Did it help you out iPhone owners? Let me know! Android Owners? Stay tuned for your tip soon!

TH Quick Tips – iPhone Raise to Wake

The Tech Homie Quick tips series helps you find the little quirks, shortcuts, and avenues to mastering your smartphone.  You can find different tips and tricks for your phone, tablet, computer, or other personal electronic device that you may have.  Looking for more? Check back here every Thursday for another quick tip to make your life a little easier!

I was told by a member of the Tech Homie Squad. That the only way that they can see the clock on their iPhone is by either pressing the power button, or home button on their iPhone. While this is one way to check your clock, I’ve got another way to make it a little easier for you.

You can use the “Raise to Wake” feature on your iPhone to skip having to press any buttons to check the time, or anything else for that matter. All you have to do is just pick up your phone to wake up the screen. Here’s how to do it:

1: Press the settings icon on your iPhone. (looks like a gear)
2: Look for “Display and Brightness”.
3: Press the switch by “Raise to Wake” to turn the feature on.
4: Enjoy using your fingers just a little less than you had to before!

Here’s a video for a little guidance:


For more tips and tricks to make your tech life easier, stay tuned to the Quick Tips section on   If you missed the previous quick tips installment, check it out over here.

The Next Amazon Echo set to take on HomePod sound quality and features



Smart home speakers have become very popular over the last year, with devices such as the Amazon Echo, and Google Home entering millions of homes across the world.   Apple recently announced the HomePod, Apple’s smart home speaker that focuses on music, and sound quality over smart home features.   With the announcement of the HomePod it was only a matter of time before we started to get information on what companies like Amazon and Google will do next.

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How to update your Apple Watch to WatchOS 4 Beta

Hey folks here’s a Tech Homie How-To to get you updated to the Watch OS 4 Beta, in order to check out the new features that are coming up for the Apple Watch later this year.  

We are now getting into the new iOS, macOS, and WatchOS upgrade season, so now is a perfect time to check out what Apple has to offer for 2017.  For those who have updated their iPhones to the iOS 11 beta system, its only natural to update your watch as well.  So lets check it out here.

First here comes a huge disclaimer before you begin:

Beta Software is not finalized software.  You will more than likely encounter bugs, hiccups, or other unfortunate things that might render your watch useless.  A quick trip to the Apple Store will not help fix these issues, because this is not a sanctioned public release.  The folks at the Apple Store will more than likely just shake their heads at you.

That being said,  you are updating your watch at your own risk.  If you are not savvy on dealing with Beta versions of software, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS.

Alright, got that out of the way.  Legit.  The in depth instructions for how to update your Watch to Beta 4 are over at igeeksblog.  But here’s a quick breakdown of the steps here:

  1.  Point your Safari Browser over to this link: to get to the developer profile.  Select Watch, then install the profile to the iPhone.
  2. Check for software updates from within the Apple Watch application.  You will then be prompted to download Watch OS Beta 4.
  3. Install the Beta. (Which might take a while)
  4. PROFIT.

Depending on your network strength, this download could possible take FOREVER, so plan on staying patient, and don’t give up before you have updated your watch!  The WatchOS update is just over 500mb so you want to keep that in mind as well, just in case you have stored Music or anything else to your watch prior to updating the watch.

Plan on checking out the new Watch OS update?  I’ll let you know my thoughts when I spend some more time with it.

Feel free to let me know what questions yo have!


Apple HomePod, the rumored Siri enabled Speaker, officially announced


Apple announced HomePod, the Siri enabled speaker, today during WWDC, the companies annual developer conference.  The speaker has been built to compete not only with quality brand such as Sonos; but with its smart home speaker capabilities, HomePod can also compete with the extremely popular Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers.   As Apple SVP of Global Marketing Phil Schiller stated ‘Sonos are not smart speakers and Amazon Echo’s aren’t good speakers.  The name ‘HomePod’  is strange, lets be honest.  But with Airpods, and Earpods, and iPods, its not surprising that we would now have HomePod included in the mix.

HomePod is cylindrical speaker that is shaped like a pill.  It has a seven beam-forming tweeter array, with a custom woofer, which is all powered by the Apple A8 Chip.  The A8 chip is the same chip that powered the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.  The color options come in White and Space Grey.  Apple also announced AirPlay 2, which bring multi-room audio capability, which HomePod can utilize through Apple’s HomeKit


HomePod has been made to revolutionize the way music is played throughout the home. HomePod can use Siri intelligence as a ‘musicologist’ more so than the assistant features that are the main focus of the Amazon Echo and Google Home.   HomePod can optimize the sound no matter where it is playing, and where you are in the home.  Users also have the ability to connect multiple HomePods throughout the home, to further enhance the sound experience.

HomePod was designed to work with an Apple Music subscription, which gives you access to over 40 million songs.   With the perfect blend of Siri intelligence and Apple Music, HomePod will become a sort of musicologist, as it learns music preferences from different genres and moods shared across devices.  Owners will also be able to gather information about the songs played by asking Siri questions via HomePod.

As stated during the HomePod announcement,  quality speakers such as Sonos speakers can be priced  at $300 dollars and up, and most smart speakers are priced in the $100 to $200 dollar range, therefore the $349 price of the HomePod makes sense for the quality of speaker that you will get.

See more details at Apple