Apple Watch Series 3 (with cellular) announced during the September Apple Event

We all know about the Apple Watch. The 2017 Apple Watch version will launch with cellular capability, which means you can look all stealthy (read:goofy) calling people on your watch, and answering calls on your watch while your at it. What seems slightly different from the other LTE enabled watches is that Apple Watch Series 3 shares a phone number with the iPhone. Decent. You truly can leave your phone at home, without that awkward confusion that happens when you call people from a cellular capable watch.

Along with cellular capability comes Apple Music compatibilty, meaning you can stream 40 million songs (what’s available on Apple Music) on your wrist. You could be a walking boombox of sorts.

Expect your typical upgrading of the processor, and upgraded Siri capability (she talks now) along with other features.

Series three will be available to purchase September 22nd, with pre-orders beginning September 15.