Apple Music subscriptions reach 30 million

How many of you subscribe to Apple Music for your music needs? I have tried it before, and many folks around me have also subscribed to Apple Music as well. It has been reported that subscriber-ship for Apple Music has reached a high of 30 million paying subscribers, which happens to be closing in on Spotify, the wildly successful streaming player that has been around for some years now. The subscriber boost helped “fuel a 17 percent revenue jump for the U.S. recorded-music business in the first half of 2017 over the same period last year” says the RIAA.

According to an article from Billboard Music, it seems like Jimmy Iovine, the man in charge of Apple Music, has much more work to do in order to improve Apple Music, and to improve streaming music as a whole. Check out more about his intentions for Apple Music at Billboard.

We now have reached a point where music will now be able to stream from Apple Watch, and the quality of the music has reached new heights. It should be very interesting to see what happens next with Apple Music, and the future integrations with the HomePod, and Apple Watch Series 3.

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