Apple Music Rolls out Facebook Messenger Bot

Messenger chats have become more popular these days, helping users become more productive, and now, share new ideas, and now, share new music with their friends. Facebook users now have a chance to have a little fun learning about music with the Apple Music bot, just launched recently for Facebook Messenger. The new bot just launched this past Thursday. Facebook users can discover music, learn, and share music with friends by clicking here.

Users have the ability to interact on their own with the Apple Music Bot, or they can use the bot’s chat extension in order to share full songs with other Apple Music Subscribers. When users send Emoji’s to the Apple Music bot, it responds with playlists that corresponds to the emojis.  Here’s information on how the Messenger Bot works, according to AdWeek:

  • When users are involved in group or one-on-one conversations, tapping the plus icon will enable them to add the Apple Music chat extension to those conversations, after which they can begin sharing songs within those chats.
  • To use the bot on their own, users can search Apple Music from their home screens in Messenger and then begin searching for music by artist or genre.
  • Users can also sign up for Apple Music directly via Messenger in order to listen to and share full tracks. Non-subscribers will have access to 30-second sound bites for listening and sharing.

Not a bad way to use Apple Music. It makes sense for Apple Music to be available to users through Facebook messenger, considering how popular Facebook messenger is. It’s an easy way to use Apple Music, and an even easier way to to share music with friends. Interested in Apple Music? Think you might set up the Apple Music Messenger Bot? Let me know!


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